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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, February 17, 2014


Sorry folks, as per Tonk and others, there appears to be an issue wrt posting comments when using Firefox:
"Message for Anon from previous thread about bugs......I too am unable to post to threads using the Name/URL option, but only if using Firefox. I put in the information required but, when I hit publish, it all disappears.....I have to post to this site using Internet Explorer if I wish to have it appear on the thread."
I'm afraid the bug can only be fixed by either Firefox or Google, depending on where the bug actually resides.

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  1. microdave1:14 PM

    Tried posting with Palemonn (a Firefox derivative), and it failed, then repeated with User Agent Switcher set to emulate IE8 on XP, and that too failed. This one is via Opera - let's see if this works...

    1. microdave1:15 PM

      I meant "Palemoon" - duh!!!

  2. microdave1:20 PM

    Now trying with Palemoon and "IE Tab2"

  3. microdave1:25 PM

    That seems to work - if any Firefox users want try it, you'll find it here: