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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Auntie Has No sense of Humour

Nanny's aged and senile old chum Auntie has for many years displayed a distinct aversion to "cutting edge" humour, or indeed anything risque.

However, as Auntie is now cowed by single issue angry and easily offended people from all manner of religions races and walks of life, she has now taken her anti humour policy one step further.

Chris Sussman, an executive editor for comedy at the BBC, speaking recently at a Bafta event about free speech and television has disclosed the absurd procedures adhered to by Auntie, as executives fear causing a national scandal with an off-key joke.
Saying particular jokes have to go through “quite a lot of layers” to see the light of day, he said some had to be checked personally by the director of television and even Lord Hall himself.

All because Auntie is now extra-wary of causing offence in a post-Sachsgate and Twitter world.

He is quoted by the Telegraph:
"At the BBC, it’s been a difficult few years and I think that is reflected internally in terms of the processes and procedures we go through when we’re making programmes. 

Certainly since I’ve been there it’s been, I would say, a tougher environment than it has been for a while.

To get a certain joke on air, to get a joke approved, we have to go through quite a lot of layers. 

We have editorial policy advisors, we have legal advisors, we have to run jokes past the channel. In certain circumstances they’d have to run jokes past the director of television. I’ve been involved in a programme where it’s gone all the way up to the director-general.” 
It is a fundamental tenet of a free society that people should be allowed to cause offence, as to deny them that right would place society in the hands of single issue fanatics.

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  1. Lord of Atlantis2:05 PM

    Do you remember "Spitting Image" and "The New Statesman", Ken? If these programmes had been made by the B.B.C, instead of I.T.V, especially under the current regime at the Beeb, they would either have never been shown, or else so sanitised by political correctness that they would have lost their humour and been a mere shadow of themselves.

    "It is a fundamental tenet of a free society that people should be allowed to cause offence, as to deny them that right would place society in the hands of single issue fanatics."

    Such as the political correctness fascists!

    1. Indeed I do M'Lud!

      Methinks the BBC is happy being "cuttingedge" when the humour has a left wing bent.

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Amusingly, although the average of the R4 listerner is about 55, on their topical comedies, "The News Quiz" and "The Now Show, the audience sounds about 30 and evidently left-wing. Any remotely 'risque' gag is responded to by an audible intake of breath and a guilty titter. The Beeb is also transparently left-wing in its reporting of news being selective in its content and biased in its reportage. As a PS (which the Beeb is trying to give as little airtime as possible) such was the fallout from Farage's accusation which turned out to be accurate that the Beeb's been forced to give him his own half hour - delicious irony).