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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 15, 2019

Nanny Wants To Put Us All To Sleep

Not content with telling us what to eat, smoke and drink, Nanny has now decided to tell us how to sleep and how long we should sleep!

The Guardian reports that a leaked draft of a public health green paper, due to be published by Nanny's health secretary, Matt Hancock, says that Nanny will review the evidence on sleep and health.

It suggests the minimum amount will vary depending on how old someone is, and the paper will give advice on “sleep hygiene”, according to the Times, which obtained the document.

It was reported the guidance was likely to state regularly getting less than seven hours’ sleep a night could damage most people’s health.

The leaked draft says:
This is with a view to informing the case for clear national guidance on the daily recommended hours of sleep for individuals in different age brackets, and to raise awareness of the key ‘sleep hygiene’ factors that can support healthy sleeping.”
As with all of Nanny's busybody interventions, she tries to justify this by saying it will save the NHS money.

The fact is if we all dropped dead now, the NHS would also save lots of money!

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  1. Just how did these ignorant People get elected, there is no standard for sleeping, everyone is different. Like "climate Change", there is no evidence of it but it will happen just as it wants.

  2. So reminiscent of Germany in the'30s,history repeats itself as politics is dumb and dead