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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Auntie's Diversity Grid

Here's how Auntie gets herself into all sort of knots over who to select for shows such as Question Time, as per The Guardian:
"A whiteboard would be marked up with a clumsy grid system. The grid would revolve around a set of key identities such as “woman”, “northern” or “poc” (person of colour). These would then be cross-categorised with political stances such as “Brexiteer”, “Tory” or “progressive”. Our task would then be to ensure that any proposed panel contained a complete balance of all these attributes. 

On daily programmes, where a different panel needed to be booked five days a week, these grid meetings often descended into the sort of charade that certain rightwing columnists dream about. One notable incident came when in order to find an “authentic” northern voice, all plausible interviewees who displayed any obvious erudition were vetoed. In their place, newspaper owner Danny Lockwood was slotted into the identity sudoku, as his tone was seen to more directly signal his real northern identity. Several producers thought fit to mention that said individual was, in fact, a reactionary whose past achievements include mocking the “Zorro” outfits worn by some Muslim women. But the grids didn’t have any disqualifying categories."

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  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    This is what David Clementi, chairman of the BBC had to say about the possibility of losing license fee funding....
    "Sitting behind a paywall, it would no longer be the place that brings the country together for the Strictly final, or Gavin and Stacey on Christmas Day, or the Armistice Anniversary, or Holocaust Memorial. Nor would it be the place that all could turn to celebrate live important moments we enjoy as a nation: Royal Weddings or Jubilees, or Olympic successes.”
    Well David, you cunt, I can manage without that shit, and if you have not noticed, there are other channels such as ITV and Sky that are now doing things a lot better than your fucking corporation.
    The BBC is a disgrace.
    It is not fit for purpose and should lose its funding.
    The likes of Gary (remoaner) Liniker and Claudia Winkleman, who has absolutely no discernable talent, (these are their two highest paid fucktards), should piss off and try to scrounge a living elsewhere.
    The mere mention of the BBC makes my piss boil.

  2. Anonymous8:17 PM

    And don't get me started about that nasty, embittered old bastard David Attenborough.
    45 minutes of lecturing us about deforestation, climate change, invasion of the wildlife habitat, disposal of plastic in oceans. And then 15 minutes of padding our the boring fucking programme by showing us how licence fee money was wasted in making the thing.
    The horrible old git should have stuck to poking around in termites nests.