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Thursday, September 02, 2021

Nanny's Health Service - Covid Only


The Spectator reports that in July, 45 per cent of patients succeeded in having a consultation with their GP on the same day that they made their appointment, while 24 per cent waited more than a week. These figures are a modest improvement on January last year, when 42 per cent had a same-day appointment and 30 per cent had to wait more than a week. 

The difference hardly marks a sea change in efficiency. It is not as if GPs are having to see more patients than they were before the pandemic. On the contrary, the number of overall appointments fell from 27.2 million in January 2020 to 25.5 million in July this year

There is a limit to how long GPs can use Covid-19 as an excuse for refusing to see patients face-to-face. Other parts of society have largely returned to normal. Shops and restaurants no longer have to enforce social distancing. Even nightclubs are open. 

Yet GP surgeries continue to operate as if we are still in the darkest depths of lockdown. Just 57 per cent of GPs consultations in July were held face-to-face — a little higher than the 47 per cent recorded in April last year but still far below the levels prior to the pandemic. In January 2020, four in five consultations were held face-to-face.

The NHS is exacerbating the problem by offering financial incentives to surgeries to hold certain numbers of consultations remotely. 

During the depths of the pandemic being told to protect the NHS might have made some sense. However, the NHS was set up to protect and care for us, not the other way round (especially as we pay for it!). is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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