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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Covid Hysteria Whipped Up by The Usual Suspects


Certain sections of the media, political activists posing as "doctors" and FAKE SAGE fanatics have been ratcheting up the hysteria over the government not implementing Plan B.

They bleat that the rise in cases (even Sajid claims we might hit 100k per day) means that we must impose restrictions in order to save the NHS (an organisation that has now become a religious entity, against which no one dare speak ill).

Disregarding the fact that the NHS is meant to protect us, rather than the other way around, these hysterics ignore a number of fundamental points.

1 The restrictions which they claim are not so onerous (mask wearing, social distancing, work from home etc) do come with a heavy cost; eg loss of income for many, psychological damage etc. The costs have been summarised in a very good article written by Doctor Renee Hoenderkamp.

2 The models used to create fear and panic are BOLLOCKS.

3 Within the next 3 weeks cases will drop like a stone. 

4 There is no way that cases will hit 100K!

It is important to remember that those pushing for greater restrictions have a political agenda, they are using Covid as a cover to push that agenda! 

Oh, and stand by for the annual Guardian headline saying that the NHS is at breaking point! is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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