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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Lockdowns Prime Suspect re Rise In Childrens' Acute Liver Disease


Less social mixing due to two years of covid restrictions may be a factor in an “unusual” and serious outbreak of acute liver disease among young children, scientists believe.

A total of 74 children in the UK, mostly under the age of five, have contracted a version of acute hepatitis which is not linked to normal strains of the disease, while dozens of cases have now been identified in the US, Europe and Israel. Six children in the UK have required liver transplant.

The UK Health Security Agency is expected to announce more cases shortly.

One line of inquiry by experts is a link to adenovirus, a common cold virus which can cause more serious symptoms including gastrointestinal illness in young children.

Cases of adenovirus in children were far lower than normal in 2020 and remained below the average in 2021, and experts believe it is “possible” that the lack of exposure to the virus in infants due to lockdown may have lowered their immunity, meaning they are suffering worse effects now that restrictions are lifted. 

The more you stop people from mixing, the weaker their immune systems become.

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  1. Once more the unintended consequence of sterilising all and sundry. I'll also bet that the cases are almost all in clean-o-freak obsessed homes.