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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Burger Off!

Burger Off!You know how Nanny and her "sainted" acolytes keep lecturing us about the evils of fast food, and how it is the invention of the devil?

You know also that Nanny is doing her best to wipe this evil from the face of the earth, and make us eat lettuce and beans?

Well how come then, she is happy to allow the spawn of Satan (McDonald's) to sponsor the Olympics in 2012?

Proving yet again that the Olympics is about money and sponsorship, not about sport, Nanny's chums on the British Olympic Organising Committee have landed themselves in an embarrassing situation with regard to one of the sponsors (McDonald's) for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Green Party is demanding to know how McDonald's, the burger chain, fits in with promises to promote locally grown food.

It should also be noted that Nanny has been conducting a very assertive healthy eating/anti obesity campaign, as such some people could argue that to associate itself with a promoter of fast food is a tad hypocritical.

The London organising committee, needless to say, are insisting that McDonald's would not have any exclusive control over catering and would be just one of a range of outlets supplying food.

Rather laughably McDonald's is the "official restaurant" (how on earth can anyone describe McDonald's as a restaurant?) of the Games, as a result of a long-term deal with the International Olympic Committee.

Money first, health and sport second!

Nanny is a hypocritical old witch.

Ignore her messages on food and health, she doesn't give a toss about you anyway; she is just interested in money.


  1. After eating of their greaseburgers I'd manage a 100 yard sprint in about 4 seconds just so I could throw up.

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I think you will find its money first second an third and sport so they can claim some public benifit.

  3. Grant6:27 PM

    I quite like the connection (worldwide of course) of fast food with fast people. The idea of consuming a Mac Meal after burning off some energy is OK by me.

    Now if they were sponsoring he slobbing out and watching TV Olympics it would be different.

    Of course the reason MacD do sponsor the games is because it gives then so much cover in the associated slobbing out and watching TV Olympics but that is hardly their fault.

    Not a place I have frequented for some years now - since the kids were much younger in fact - but it may be that the standards of our food on the hoof outlets has improved since MacD came on the scene and upped the ante and that is no bad thing really.

    It's not as if we don't have choices. If we choose ubiquitous convenience and worldwide commonality of standards so be it.

    Next week we have our annual 3 day fair in the streets of the village. I'm sure the 'refreshement stands' will be. er, very focused on cleanliness. Maybe. None are run by MacD as far as I know.

  4. Alan G9:09 PM

    "...I'd manage a 100 yard sprint in about 4 seconds just so I could throw up".

    100 yards in 4 seconds suggests the burgers might be emerging from the other end.

  5. Meanwhile, Nanny state NZ has dropped a sponsorship deal with the evil McCrud empire

  6. During the whole of my 53 years existence on this planet, I have only ever eaten in a MacDonalds twice, and both times I left hungrier than I was when I entered.

    Wouldn't try one again. And the final confirmation of my intense dislike of this awful company is that a MacDonalds opened up next to a roundabout on the entrance to the housing estate where I live. It seems, when they first opened, that they insisted on traffic lights being installed on the roundabout at the entrance to their premises, and this has since spawned yet more lights and chaos. Now there is a traffic light at each entrance, also each quarter turn around the roundabout, and, as if that weren't enough, also at three of the four exits!! And all these on a roundabout about 30 metres in diameter. All these are on for 24 hours a day, and is causing tailbacks the like you haven't seen. So, as I sit at red lights when I'm the only person on the roundabout in off peak times, I rage against this company and the poisonous food they have the audacity to even expect to be paid for!

  7. I too hate the shit, but I'm free to reject it.

    I will unashamedly stand up for their right to sell shit!- after all, the great unwashed are well used to eating shit!

    PT Barnum got it right- a sucker born every minute!

  8. spiv,

    I have little sympathy for the MacD franchise business and they certainly manage to obtain permission, from the local councila I assume, to locate in some strange places with their instant flatpack outlets.

    However the proliferation of traffic lights is a result of command and control traffic management thinking (or thoughtlessness depending upon how you see it) which is driven by bureaucratic and self interested partis in local affairs. Any excuse to stop people moving about freely will be taken up. It wouldn't surprise me if the authorities offered the site to the MacD franchise applicant in order to give themselves a reason for obstructing traffic flow at the location.

    There is a T junction near me which was modifed and traffic lighted some years ago to solve a problem that had seen a few accidents, though quite why escapes me.

    At that point there is now a forest of poles with lights and staggered controls for every direction of travel, left and right turn slip roads and so on. As it happens to be co-located with a cross fields public footpath it also has multi way pedestrian light control buttons. I have ever seen a pedestrian there unless there is a major local event taking place in which case alternative control methods are put into place anyway.

    Shortly after the work was carried out several more engineering schemes were applied to the section of road and an alternative primary route opened thus removing most of the traffic. But the changes to the junction then allowed other less than desirable developements to take place -similar situation to yours.

    If you appraoch these lights late at night they almost always change from green to red though no other traffic is around. It seems to take 2 vehicles passing over the sensors to persuade them to change to green, though not if there is some traffic from the other directions. On several occasions I have had to reverse back over the sensors to get the lights to change and then go like hell to get across the lights before they sense my approach and turn red again.

    Such schemes are being intorduced daily across the country. Nanny like to be in control. It is all for our own good she says. And it gives her an excuse for spending our money.

  9. Those fo you with a real gripe against fast food, should watch that most excellent film "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas.

    The scene where he shoots up the burger outlet is a hoot.

    Here are some sound tracks:

    wrt McD's if the food looked anything like the photos, it wouldn't be quite so bad. The trouble is you actually get soggy shit.

    I prefer Burger King.

    That being said, the fries in all fast food outlets are shit. Pre cooked, re formed potatoes oozing with trans fats.


    Whatever happend to real chips, cooked in lard?


  10. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I like McDonalds (though I agree about the fries - not about the fat or anything, just good honest chips would be better).

    Of course, if you live entirely on McDonalds (or entirely on almost anything) and take no exercise you are unlikely to be fit. You may even dioe earlier, though of course you may also drop dead while jogging.

    That would be what used to be called a 'personal choice'.

  11. Grant1:50 AM

    Anonymous said...

    "That would be what used to be called a 'personal choice'. "

    Used to be called personal choiceS surely. And for any subject area there would be several.

    Now Nanny wished to help is making difficult choices by simplifying the number available - to just one for any specific subject matter.

    Nanny will of course continue to refer unendingly to 'ChoiceS' but of course this really means the one choice per subject area combined with a proliferation of subject areas created in order to increase the opportunities for generating fears and demands for the government to 'do something'.

    Or so Nanny tells us when she presents her choice of what to do to solve the problem.