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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An Inspector Calls

Israr Khan An Inspector CallsNanny believes in being "socially and ethnically" inclusive.

A very noble sentiment, so long as those who are included wish to be part of British society.

As such Nanny's chums in Ofsted have appointed Israr Khan (pictured left), a hardline Muslim and headmaster of an Islamic school, to be a school inspector.

Nothing wrong with that, in principle, until you realise that Khan may not be feeling that "inclusive" towards British society. He once caused a furore by denouncing pupils for celebrating Christmas.

Khan delivered his anti Christmas tirade during a concert rehearsal at Washwood Heath Secondary School in Birmingham in 1996 after the choir, including around 40 Muslim youngsters, had sung a number of Christmas songs and carols.

Seemingly he leapt from his seat, yelling:

"Who is your God?

Why are you saying Jesus and Jesus Christ?

God is not your God - it is Allah

The children in the audience began booing and clapping, and a number of choir members (white and Asian) walked out, some in tears.

Khan, who was a maths teacher at the time, was asked to work from home pending an investigation but there was no disciplinary action.

FYI Washwood Heath school had Rashid Rauf, the airline terror bomb suspect whose extradition is currently being sought from Pakistan, as a pupil there at that time.

Khan left Washwood Heath a year later to found the independent Islamic Hamd House Preparatory School in Small Heath, Birmingham, where he is headmaster.

Earlier this year, he was appointed as a governor of Anderton Park Primary School, in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

A former Washwood Heath colleague laughed openly when told of Khan's role as an Ofsted inspector.


"Given the man's history, it's absolutely astonishing.

It's just the cheek of the man that he's been able to reach that position.

He always was an extremely clever man.

He gave me many insights into the Islamic cause

and their hatred of the US and the Western World.

He had a big support base among some of the Muslim parents.

But there were some very influential,

radical elements at Washwood Heath at that time

and Israr Khan was very close to all that

Earlier this year, Anderton Park, received an Ofsted report which branded its teaching and its achievements as inadequate.

An Ofsted spokesman said:

"Israr Khan was appointed as an additional inspector

via a highly competitive recruitment and selection process.

He has undergone all the relevant security checks

Nanny should remember that inclusion works both ways.


  1. If anyone is in any doubt as to just how the average Muslim looks upon integrating into the 'British' way of life, see the debate which I have been recently involved in at

    and scroll down to the article entitled "The Muslim Problem". And this was just in connection with Jack Straw's recent remarks regarding veils. Remarks which, incidentally, I am in complete agreement with.

    Scary stuff I think for we indigenous Brits!!

    And it is also deeply concerning as to just why Blair and his cronies are continually pandering to Muslim demands. As far as I can tell, all this Government seems to have ever done is obtain the views of Muslims, never the views of the indigenous Brits!

  2. Grant1:21 PM

    spiv, I think this is a cunning plan on Nanny's part.

    As the more militant muslims are attracted to the freedom of the UK, probably more free than they would be in most muslim countries, they will slowly take over as the indigenous people whilst the original incomers move elsewhere - Spain for example.

    Then, come the next Ice Age in about another 20 years or so and lacking the means of energy production or forms of industry suited to mass production engineering, anyone remaining on these islands will have a severe problem to deal with.

    My guess is that the financial services that currently keep the UK economy afloat will have long departed so there will be naff all left except decaying wind farms, crumbling infrastructure and international debts.

    If humanity has by that time also been persuaded to give up flying in the name of ecology it may be that these people could be trapped on the island - quite a good result in the war against terrorism don't you think?

    I would, however, feel sorry for the non-militant muslims trapped with them.

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Will he mandate that his current costume or jumpsuit or zippered canvas bag be adopted, district-wide, as a unisex uniform for all students?

    To be serious for a moment, Muslims residing outside their ancestral homelands are pissed off in part because they know that - all platitudes aside - neither their culture nor their religion are really very much respected outside of the Islamic world.

    If this goon walked into your office to discuss course planning or, for that matter, cafeteria menus, would your first impression be one of respectability?

    Respect can't be won by demands, nor self-pity, nor thinly veiled threats. It's a private matter, a matter of dignity and decency, and we respect only those whom we deem worthy of respect. It's not something that can be compelled.

    ps: I hope I am not arrested for writing this.

  4. John Rimmer8:16 PM

    How does a maths teacher "work from home"?

  5. Anonymous11:03 PM

    That dude looks like he just escaped from a a mental asylum for the Criminally Insane.

    (The lack of shoelaces kinda gives it away.)

    Can you imagine being a 5 year old and having this nightmare-like character coming into your classroom?

    He's going to cost lots of parents lots of money for lots of Psycho-therapy.

    All in the name of PC so not to worry!

  6. It's not too late to emigrate to New Zealand.

    We are at least ten years behind you in social progression...