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Monday, October 29, 2007

ASBO's 'R Us

ASBO's 'R Us
As I have long suspected, and warned about, ASBO's are being used by people to settle personal petty vendettas.

Take for instance a case recently reported concerning Oliver Morris and Hazel Ross, graduates of the Royal Northern College of Music. They are two of Britain's most promising young classical violinists.

However, they are in trouble with Nanny's minions; and have been threatened with a visit by the ASBO officers, who may seize their instruments.

Their crime?

They play Mozart and practice their scales at home.

They insist that they rarely practise at home for more than two hours, and not every day, or in the evenings. However, one of their neighbours has decided to bring in the state; he has complained to Manchester City Council.

The council have issued a formal warning that their behaviour is unacceptable, and must stop. Further breaches will lead to a noise abatement order, and forcible entry to their flat to seize their violins.

Mr Morris said:

"Everyone has a right to live their lives

as they wish but we only ever practise after 9am,

never after 7pm,

not every day and very often we are away during the day

Oddly enough the building where they live, Woodlawn Court, is home to other budding young musicians who also practice.

One neighbour has found the violins not to his taste, and has banged on their front door and launched into an aggressive rant.

The council have accused them of missing a meeting to discuss the issue. However, they said that they have never received an invitation.

Mr Morris said:

"How can they say our behaviour is unacceptable

when all the evidence they have is based

entirely on somebody else's assessment

That's the joy of ASBO's, they don't need an onerous burden of proof. Hence they can be used by vindictive people to settle scores.

By the way, there is also one other rather worrying issue here.

Did you spot it?

Yes, that's right..we now have new body of Nanny's enforcers on the streets...ASBO Officers.

Are they trained?

Are they an amateur version of the police?

Are the linked to the "plastic police"?

I find this to be rather worrying.


  1. ASBOs cannot be obtained by an individual citizen, they can only be granted to local authorities.
    In order to get an ASBO issued one would need to be in league with the local council.

    I doubt if this type of "anti social behaviour" was what the supporters of this crazy legislation had in mind when drafting the legislation....or perhaps it was.
    Could it be that,left wing councils just hate classical music as it is seen to be too high brow for them. The politics of envy and class war and all that.

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Probably were not Inner Party Members in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Manchester. Remember in Manchester, "Ignorance is Strength" "Freedom is Slavery".

    Winston Smith please call your service...

  3. How would you feel if you were a shift worker on nights.
    And maybe it wasn't violins but bagpipes.
    Would you be so tolerant?

  4. DocBud10:14 PM

    Cramerj, that is not an appropriate area for the law to get involved, the world cannot stop, or have its rights taken away, for shift workers on nights. In the past, neighbours worked around such issues by discussion and consideration. I can remember my mum keeping us in doors in the morning because our next door neighbour was on nights. However, at some time, people have to be free to make normal noises, which includes music practise.