Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big Brother

Big Brother
Why is Nanny actively encouraging to spend £20,000 or more on fingerprinting systems?

Over 6,000 pupils have had their prints taken throughout the country.

Every week another 20 schools join the list.

How safe is this data?

What will Nanny do with it?


  1. All Starlinist states know knowledge is power and knowledge of people's fingerprint, DNA etc etc is vital for those states.
    We'll behaving CCTV cameras everywhere soon....Oooops, too late they're here now!!

  2. 'Big Brother' is such a definite term; certainly we are being watched, but those doing the watching tell us every day that they are watching us, in ways oh so subtle, such that we are the ones being told to watch it.
    The creeps work very hard for our dying, and the only thing that they absolutely will not tolerate is our continuing health, wealth and happiness, and if you really want to drive the scum into a frenzy, try keeping secrets.

  3. This, I think, is an easy one Ken.

    Gordon and Alistair have worked out that the can no longer afford education of any form - or at least will not be able to once another 20 million non-english speakers arrive from around the globe.

    So reading a writing are out.

    Therefore people will not be able to write their names.

    In times past they would simply have made a mark but the modern and eco friendly (less paper and so on, allegedly) world we can store something a bit more 20th century (Finger Prints) or even 21st century (DNA samples) with which to identify people.

    Soooo two problems solved - or maybe more;

    Carbon footprint targets assisted;
    Tracking individuals easier;
    Solving crime much easier;
    Slash education budgets - no longer a requirement to be educated to a basic level;
    Individuals cowed by their controllers in government;
    probably a few other 'benefits' as well.

    Now, where's the sandpaper ... ?

  4. And what are these twelve thousand adults doing while thier offspring are being tagged and bagged ready for this brave new world?bleating in a field somewhere wondering what they did with thier spines?those who will not oppose these fascists deserve thier chains!