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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nanny Bans English Party

Nanny Bans English Party
You know how Nanny has something of thing against the English?

Part of this problem possibly is due to the fact that a large swathe of the government is in fact Scottish. Nothing wrong with that, were it not for the fact that Scotland is pushing for independence and that English MP's don't have a say in the running of the Scottish parliament.

By the way, has anyone ever heard Smiler Brown use the word "English"?

I haven't!

Anyhoo, Nanny's little trainee minions in the School for Oriental African Studies (SOAS) did Nanny's work for her the other week, by banning one of their students from holding a party.

Tim McLellan, university rugby captain, was accused of racism because he had the temerity to put up posters advertising an "English party" (in the sense of a social event, not a political party).

The thought police were down upon Tim like a ton of bricks, he was forced to send an email the entire student body, saying he had not intended to upset or alienate anyone.

The idea behind the event was to poke fun at the many SOAS events based on multicultural themes.


"The aim of the poster was not to alienate or discriminate,

but rather to express that this party was,

unlike most SOAS events,

going to have a mainstream vibe

Unfortunately for Tim, Nanny and her student lackeys don't posses a sense of humour and hate it when others make fun of them.

Clare Solomon, SOAS students' union co-president, said the rugby club had apologised after a number of students complained they felt the poster alienated certain groups from the party.


"Offensive terms are used so frequently

that they become internalised and,

therefore, people who use them are

often unaware of the implications behind the word

Could someone please remind this young lady (ooh..she won't like that phrase!) that the word "English" is not racist or offensive.


  1. It is all part of the plan by our Starlinist leader to make everyone frightened to say anything. How often do we hear people starting a sentence with a cavaet about not being racist for example. All these isms and phobes labels are used to silence free speech and thought.
    How long will it be before citezens are whisked away in the night for re-education by nanny?

    It is a dark road we are travelling down and someone needs to apply the brakes before it is too late.

  2. DocBud2:46 PM

    If you want to read more of the wise words of Ms Solomon, you can go here:

    I could say so much more, but I'm feeling benevolent.

  3. DocBud:

    Yeah, I've read your link and you have just got to love her haven't you....When I read such left wing student propaganda in my mind I hear Alan Jackson's song: "Here in the real world"

  4. Lord of Atlantis7:40 PM

    "The thought police were down upon Tim like a ton of bricks, he was forced to send an email the entire student body, saying he had not intended to upset or alienate anyone."

    Since it is clear that the NUS do not believe in free speech any more now than they did when I was a student, why didn't Tim simply tell them to "Bog Off!!"??? That would have been my instinctive response!

  5. Can I just point out to anyone who wants to claim that the Union is a killjoy, that they don't object to parties per se. If you want to hold a Caribbean party, or an African one, or a North Korean one, that'll be fine and dandy.

    It's just English parties they've got it in for.

  6. Anonymous4:01 PM

    "It's just English parties they've got it in for."

    Then, surely, I'm not unreasonable in suggesting that the NUS are Rascist b******s!

    5:05 AM