Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I see that Nanny is now targeting "wealthy" (by that she means people who pay their council taxes) drinkers.

The BBC and all other media outlets are bursting today with "information" about the so called "wealthy" members of society, who are drinking far too much in Nanny's view. Seemingly this new "overclass" is guilty of having a glass or two of wine very night, thus placing them on Nanny's hit list.

Congratulations to Runnymeade which scores the highest unit consumption per person per week in England (in Nanny's "hazardous" category: 20-50 units), over 25% of the population of Runnymeade are breaking Nanny's "guidelines" as to what Nanny regards as safe weekly consumption of alcohol.

Manchester comes out top in the "harmful" category (over 50 units per week).

Well done!

Scotland, of course, does not feature as it is now classed as a separate country (despite the fact that it still receives tax revenue from England).

Professor Mark Bellis, Director of the North West Public Health Observatory (which collated the statistics), issued a chilling warning of what we can expect to come:

"In order to stop further increases in

alcohol-related deaths and admission to hospital,

we must also reverse the tolerance that most

communities have built up by simply consuming

too much alcohol on a weekly basis

Ah, there's an interesting use of the word "tolerance". It would seem that Nanny is allowed to be intolerant, and is now going to try to make us equally intolerant.

I guess she will use the same techniques that she applied to smokers; negative publicity, encouraging busybodies to interfere in people's lifestyles, legislating against alcohol know the kind of thing.

What an unpleasant little country this is becoming!



  1. grumpy11:06 AM

    What follows, presumably, is that those paragons of virtue in the NHS - dedicated on oath, you may recall, to protect the nation's health - will refuse to treat, not only smokers, but boozers too.

    Well, as an overweight, smoking drinker, that's me buggered (Oh, and I have a tooth that needs filling).

    Thank God I live in a third world country!

  2. I expect Greedy Gordon is merely preparing the way to justify even more tax on booze. Kerching.
    He should ask why so many people need to drink to escape the reality of living in this revenue hungry Nanny state.

  3. Chris Edwards1:04 PM

    How about cutting handouts to the lazy (needy?) so that only the rich and the employed can afford to drink or is it really nannys way of getting all that dole money back?

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Sheesh! THis is too much. By "wealthy" they probably mean upper middle class....people who actually work to have a nice lifestyle. and so if they want to come home after a hard days work and have a glass of wine or two, what is this to nanny?! She really has her finger in all areas of life, doesnt she!


  5. Nobody dies without 'they' say so.
    Canute rules baby.

  6. Grant1:35 AM

    Well, well.

    I'm not sure that Runnymede is necessarily the land of affluent toffs they are trying to make it out to be but never mind.

    I assume Alan Johnson(?sp) , not a toff by background, will be extolling the virtues of closing the bars in the Palace of Westminster whilst threatening his Honourable Friends with withdrawal of health cover if they don't leap on the wagon?


    I thought not.

  7. tinytech8:41 AM

    But where does the info come from? Do you know of anyone surveyed about their drinking habits? And even if asked, in this current climate, who indeed would admit to drinking too much at home? Bin your store 'loyality' cards - mine was shredded when money off coupons were targeted at items regularly purchased. Supermarkets as we know, are in bed with HMG - are they sharing the information about alcohol purchases from individuals? Food (not the fat type of course!) for thought....

  8. riddler8:52 AM

    interesting thought - you don't think the figures could have been made up do you? Nah.....

  9. Eric Arthur Blair12:16 PM

    tinytech - Too right.

    You'll also find that the director of one particular 'super'market is also on the board of CCN and other assorted 'debt collection agencies'.

    Conflict of interest? Nah, of course not!

    I will NEVER have a store card or loyalty card.

    You can just imagine it can't you? Once I have been taxed out of existence and can no longer pay for basic household bills (feels like it's here already), then if I buy my daughter a treat, they can say "if you have no money, how can you afford that mars bar you bought two days ago?"