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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It is official, Nanny is nuts!

Rather, let me put it this way, she is nuts about nuts.

George Hall-Lambert, aged 11, has been banned from his new school because he has a nut allergy.

George went to the new school (Howden School and Community College in Goole) for a mere 4 days, before Nanny's minions told him to stay away until a "risk assessment" was carried out. Seemingly he has been labelled a "health and safety hazard".

Pass the sick bag someone!

Mrs Hall-Lambert, his mum, is having him taught at home now whilst Nanny frets about the nut issue.

George was diagnosed with the allergy when he was 18 months old. He was pupil at the village primary school, where no problems arose.

However, when he transferred to Howden School and Community College Mrs Hall-Lambert told the school of his allergy, and the junior school forwarded a file with notes on his medical condition.

Mrs Hall-Lambert then said:

"He had only been there four days

when I was called into school to

see the head teacher as a matter of urgency.

He told me he was asking me to take George

home as the school had no policies in

place to deal with George's nut allergy.

He said the school needed to carry out

a risk assessment and an analysis of

George's situation to see what could be done.

In the meantime he is out of school indefinitely.

They won't let him back in school

until everything has been sorted out

and he is classed as safe.

If he went back now they say

he would be a health and safety risk

To whom for fark's sake????

Surely, a simple solution would be for the school to ask Mrs Hall-Lambert to sign a waiver absolving them of any responsibility for any cock up relating to nut issues?

George carries a special pen-like device which he has been taught to inject adrenalin into his thigh should be suffer a sudden allergic reaction, which he has never had to use.

If he suffered a large anaphylactic shock, however, it could render him unconscious and in need of assistance. He wears a tag around his neck to alert people of his medical condition which also includes a latex allergy.

Andrew Williams, headteacher of Howden School, said:

"We are working with the parents,

health professionals and representatives

of the local authority to reach an acceptable

solution to this situation as soon as possible.

My main concern is to ensure that we meet

the health and welfare needs of all students

in our care to deliver a high quality education

The East Riding education authority said the school was following local authority and Government guidance "in ensuring that George can access his entitlement to education in a safe environment."

Bureaucratic bullshit!

All that is needed here is some common sense to be exercised by the school, local authority and George's parents.

Sadly, in nanny's Britain, common sense is somewhat lacking these days!


  1. Everyone is frightened of being sued. No one will take any responsibility for anything now.
    Why do all these statements released from quangos always sound as if they have been written by the same person?

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Why did they not arrest little George and lock him up for his own good?

  3. common sense is somewhat lacking these days!
    Aren't you trying to be too kind? Only these days ...?

  4. In the good old days I suppose it is unlikely that George would have survived to age 11? Almost certainly not without being locked up in some form of institution for the "insane".

    I suppose one has to consider the traumatic effect on the other kids should George be struck down in the middle of the school day. Surely it is their right to be protected from such sights?

    As for preparedness, I would imagine there is a huge difference in the ability of a primary school to cater for such intolerances comparecd to a secondary school. I could just see some 14 or 15 years old pupils thinking it would be fun to see what happens if George were force fed nuts or wrapped in latex. Less likely at a Junior school I suspect.

    I do wonder how come such allergies are seemingly on the increase these days and what the long term implications are for the health of the nation as the victims reach adulthood and start to breed. Presumably the latex allergy only makes the risk of breeding more likely?

    I wonder how long a normal society can survive with an increase numbero of 'at risk' members whose welfare, being identifiable, seems to take precedence over the lives of the members who are not subject to identifiable 'special' risks?

    I have this feeling it may not be very long unless a better balance is found.

  5. Mrs Hall-Lambert, his mum, is having him taught at home now whilst Nanny frets about the nut issue.

    To every cloud a silver lining. At least young George is now free of the toxic environment of Nanny's indoctrination/enstupidation factory and has a chance to actually learn in a nurturing environment.

  6. I was at school with two epileptics who every now and then used to collapse foaming at the mouth. The teachers were equipped to cope, and the rest of the class hardly batted an eyelid, saying "oh, it's just old George again!"

    Dunno about latex, but a friend who occasionally works a telephone fantasy line was a bit flabbergasted recently when a caller asked for a scenario which involved him being wrapped up in clingfilm.....

  7. If nut allergy is a risk - what of all other hazardous ailments - epilepsy, asthma, the phobias etc. Even hay fever can make yiou sternutate powerfully.

  8. chris Edwards1:14 PM

    Dont let the little guy near the house of commons with his allergy to nuts!!!!

  9. Anonymous5:43 PM

    First get the school's name RIGHT if you are going to complain! I am a pupil at the school and for a start it is completely out of order that the school is now being slated for this. The school was not fully equipped to deal with George and his allergies and have done everything possible for him. It would be terrible not only for George but also for other pupils if he did have an allergic reaction in school. Howden is one of the best schools in our area and I don't think people have the right to say bad things about our school when you haven't even been to it or even know the correct NAME!
    Thank You and Goodnight!