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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Brother - HMRC

Big Brother - HMRC
I suggest that you read this article about HMRC's new bugging powers, if you really want to scare yourselves:

Big Brother - HMRC.

Our freedom is being eroded at an alarming rate.


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Scary does this mean when a hard working British man or women, in a fit of pique, decide they are not going to pay UK's ridiculous TV tax, because they are sick of subsidizing the BBC's leftest agenda, out come the phone bugs?

  2. number 612:50 PM

    Yes. McBroon is also considering a law to raid bank accounts without notice or appeal if a person owes tax.

    If the government is wrong (which of course it never is as we all know) you will still have to appeal to get your own money back.

    We need another Guy Fawkes both here and in Brussells!

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I saw a headline somewhere the other day to the effect that one of the agencies in the USA - perhaps the FBI but I did not have time to read the article - had inadvertently used an authorisation to bug some phone calls to bug ALL phone calls for a period of time.

    I may have misinterprted BUT that does not really matter for the point I'm making.

    The thing is that the digital age makes it VERY EASY to capture almost all transmissions. For example how much easier is it to obtain a copy of an email and store it than it would be to obtain a copy of a letter. Especially without the recipient becoming suspicious.

    No envelope to steam open and re-glue - or whatever method they used.

    The same with phone calls. On analogue exchanges one had to install a device (or hide a microphone in the room) to pick up the sound. With digital it's just a data stream easily captured.

    Some may say that digital, when encoded, is more secure that former means of communication.

    Perhaps true BUT how many people outside the security services take steps to apply strong encryption on emails, let alone do the trouble of doing that for phone equipment.

    HMRC seemingly don't even bother when sharing sensitive data with all and sundry. They will no doubt bank on nobody else doing so either. Or of course if they do it would appear very suspicious.

    In any case one of the things that Nanny's agencies will have access to is powerful computer systems running smart code cracking applications. Computer based systems are becoming very good at what is known as 'discovery'. Especially when money for development is no real object.

    And so that extends into the thought that the sheer volume of digital information might make discovery and investigation impossible. Well, maybe so. But some gems will always drop out, more then likely misinterpreted, and put a few poor sods on a completely unjustified collision course with the HMRC juggernaut. Furthermore the mass of 'information' will provide Nanny with the perfect excuse to employ more people to sift through it.

    So Nanny will soon know where we go, what we buy, who we communicate with and what we say or write. How much waste we produce and what it is, how much energy we use and how much water we all use (with the increase in single person household - if that is not an oxymoron - they will potentially have a very accurate picture) and what our carbon footprints are.

    Nanny wants to control not only smoking but also eating and drinking. Perhaps next a Licence to breathe.

    If they recruit schoolchildren to spy on their co-habiting adult's sexual activity in the name of saving the planet there will be little left that is in any way private. Expect cameras and waste measurement devices in loos and required by law in the very near future.

    Cue justification for more immigration to provide the workforce to carry out the analysis of the output. Note the very loud silence about why such things are felt to be vital for the nation.

    I am beginning to favour allowing ONLY windmills for energy sources. Given the lack of wind we have experienced in recent days we would all be shivering but at least Nannies computers would have come to a sudden halt by now and people could once again talk to each other in private (though not by phone of course!).

    *** Please note that this post has been written in code and should not be interpreted as it reads. ***


  4. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Well, well, well!

    I see Ken L*********e’s in the news today!

    I don’t know if Porsche management read NKB but following your posting last week about our beloved Mayor of London’s decision to increase the congestion charge for cars such as Porsches even though, as you say, they don’t create any more congestion than say a Fiat Uno - Porsche are launching a legal challenge to Ken’s decision.

    Good old Germans! Let’s hope they win.

  5. Yes, I also hope that the Germans liberate London from the Nazi hordes.
    How's your tax evasion going?
    Mine's going fine.
    Tax evasion,
    Tax evasion,tax evasion, tax evasion, tax evasion.
    And by the way, did I mention tax evasion?
    All it would take is for a few thousand people to start using this term, and their little brains would cook when they tried to intercept.

  6. Anonymous7:02 PM

    As for tax evasion, tax evasion, I have a book beside me right now entitled "HOW TO AVOID PAYING TAXES" by Ronan Voight. I'd give it 3 out of 5. It's a while since I read it but I think it’s the one that includes wacky ideas like how to create your own bank. Not what I had in mind.


    I should have said, if Ken's really serious about reducing traffic congestion in London then the charge should be levied on car colour not engine size.

    Red cars would attract the highest charges (or be banned completely) with a sliding scale down through pink and yellow with gun-metal silver attracting the lowest rate (if not free).

    Ferraris would be the only exception for red cars. I suppose Lamborghini drivers would also be zero-rated, irrespective of paint colour.

  7. grumpy10:00 PM

    A friend of mine has just bought a Porsche 911.
    He reckons they go like a bomb. The trouble is that the explosive exhaust note terrorises his neighbours - especially when he guns it. He is worried that they will be up in arms and are probably organising a conspiracy against him.
    He also tells me, " if I slam the brakes on too hard, the tyres protest, making a noise like a dying pig."
    I have warned him that he mus' lim it his speed to avoid detection by his neighbours and the local police.

    (There, that should give the snooping bastards something to think about).

  8. number 69:27 AM

    We already live in a surveliance society and a quasi police state. All Nanny needs to complete her control now is the ID card - all that lovely personal information in one easy to digest bite.

    It seems likely that Nu Liebore will go down in flames (pity that is not literally) at the next election, but as I have pointed out the ID card is an EU diktat and as such our sock puppet government (of whatever hue) will have to bring it back in the future.