Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, February 29, 2008

Poor Old Boris!

I'm Backing Boris
Nice to see that Nanny's police have nothing better to do with their time!

Read the Mystery of The Disappearing Cigar Case.


  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Good old Boris. He does have that natural Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer look about him.

  2. grumpy9:20 PM

    Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa!
    In the light of HM Constabulary's uncovering of Mr. Johnson's crime against the Iraqi people, I have searched my own conscience and feel the need to make a public confession of my own, similar, crime against humanity. I beg you all, in advance, for your forgiveness and promise that, if HM Plod come out here to get me to make me atone for my transgression, I will go quietly.

    While on active(ish) service in Cyprus in the 1960s, I went to a local Post Office in order to send a telegram to my mother. Having written my message, I POCKETED THE PENCIL. Realising my crime some time later, I opted not to return my swag. I can no longer offer to return it since, in the intervening years - somehow - I seem to have misplaced it.
    Dear Auntie Ken, what can I do now to assuage my guilt?

    A Grumpy Criminal.

  3. English Liberation Front11:01 AM

    The police in this country have been instrumental in eroding and finally destroying the Englishman's two thousand year old right to defend himself, his home and his family from criminals. At the same time they have presided over their own failure to protect the public and to maintain law and order in the face of increasing violent crime. Part of the reason for this failure is that they have "diversified" to increasing interventions in the individual liberties of Englishmen and tax-gathering activities far beyond the purposes for which they were called into existence in the first place.

    In 1895 when the government of the day attempted to introduce firearms control Mr Cyril Dodd MP opposed stating that "the police were the servants and the people had no intention of making them their masters".

    Unfortunately, since then and to this day, every piece of encroaching legislation, urged on by an increasingly ineffective police, that has destroyed the Englishman's right to self-defence has been based upon lies, false statistics, misleading information and unreasoned emotion.

    After the introduction of the Firearms Act (No.2) in 1997 when the "crime of one berserk individual" (for which the police in their failure to perform their duties in respect of his firearms certificate must bear a heavy burden of responsibility) "led to the punishment of 57,000 law-abiding gun owners". Lord Stoddard lamented "the introduction of collective punishment into English Law", of which the police calls for a national DNA register are just the latest manifestation.

    Stop them before we become a nation of police suspects and slaves.

  4. number 611:24 AM

    English Liberation,

    Sorry to have to tell you this old chap, but we are already in a quasi police state where the brave boys in blue will haul an OAP off to the slammer for not paying council tax and pull your child out of your own car to measure him/her to see if they conform to their EU master's 'height restriction' for child seats, take your DNA if you are arrested for just about anything from littering to being a bit the worse for wear at closing time, etc etc.

    If all goes to plan they will soon be able to ask "your papers (sorry ID card) please" and the complete police/nanny control is there - no card, "sorry mate, you'll have to come down the station, yer I know it is 'voluntary' to carry it, but we'll just have to check you out alright Don't get stroppy with me I have my nice new US tazer and pepper spray to hand."

    Of course, whilst they are busy demanding and building their DNA dbase and harrassing law abiding citizens the real crims are having a field day and night a' robbin, a killing and a rapin' to their little socially excluded hearts content.