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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Physician Heal Thyself II

Physician Heal Thyself IIYou know how those in the butcher's profession having been whining at us for a while now about how much we eat, smoke and drink?

Scarcely a day goes by when a doctor isn't haranguing us in the media about our lives, and demanding that Nanny takes some action to curtail our personal freedoms.

Well, it seems that there has been a little bit of hypocrisy going on, the butcher's profession (which has more than its fair share of drunks and drug addicts) in fact has been asking for the licence on one of its own bars to be extended into the wee small hours.

The British Medical Association has applied for an extension to the drinks licence at its headquarters, BMA House Tavistock Square in Camden.

The BMA wants the bar to stay open until 1AM.

Now, the funny thing is, only last week the BMA was berating Nanny for failing to tackle binge drinking and the evils of extended opening hours.

From the horse doctor's mouth:

"There is strong evidence that increased opening hours are associated with increased alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems."

The butcher's profession should remember that its role in life is to heal, not to act as social engineers.


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    These of course are the very same people who have been dishing out pointless anti-depressants for the last 30 years - pointless but with side effects and costs. Why would anyone listen to anything they say?

  2. The thing to remember with Nanny is that, You don't do as she does; You must do as she says.....Usually with a fine attached for non compliance with her diktat....Kerching.

    Regarding the current anti depressant debate, as a retired forensic psychiatric nurse, I can confirm that anti depressants worked in some people....There are many types of anti depressants, some are more suited to some types of depression than other, with varying results however, I suspect that the latest mootings will be used to deprive people of the medication so as to save Nanny a buck or two. Nanny, through her little helper, (N.I.C.E.) has a past track record on this front. Think postcode lottery regarding cancer treatments etc.