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Friday, February 08, 2008

Nanny Bans White Men

Nanny Bans White Men
Nanny really has something of a bee in her bonnet about social engineering. She can't resist trying to mould society into the shape and form that she thinks it should be.

The trouble is that her meddling is not based on any form of logic or common sense, and does immeasurable harm to society and its cohesiveness.

Seemingly, in Nanny's view, there are just too many white men working as firemen (sorry, "firepersons"). The fact that if your house is burning down, you wouldn't give a stuff as to the sexual/genetic make up of the people trying to save you and your house has escaped Nanny.

To this end, Nanny's chums in Avon Fire Service recently held some "open" days for recruiting more people to the force. The trouble is that these "open" days were not quite so "open".


Avon Fire Service banned white men from attending them.


The trolls who run Avon Fire service are worried about their "diversity" targets, and restricted the "open" days to women and ethnic minorities.

Two of the six-hour sessions have been limited to women and ethnic minorities. Another was for women only and a fourth was laid on exclusively for ethnic minorities.

How farking stupid and patronising!

How exactly does this absurd ban help the community, women or ethnic minorities?

Kevin Pearson, the brigade's chief officer, said:

"It is my concern to improve diversity so the service reflects the community it serves and we can provide the best possible service."


Your job is to put fires out!

Avon was aiming for 15% of its staff to be female, and 3% to come from ethnic minorities.

What about targets for reducing the number of fires?

Utter madness!

"I'm the bad guy?"


  1. Imagine the shit that would hit the fan if somebody advertised a job and said 'black people need not apply'

    What's wrong with the idea of 'right man, right job'

    I don't really blame Avon Fire Service as much as I blame the people who introduced the diversity targets. It's a racist idea that promotes segregation more than it discourages it.

    Rock on Ken

  2. number 610:28 AM

    When I lived in the US I worked with a black bloke (sorry guy) who was going for a job with the police department. He was bullshit angry that he had to score lower than the "white guys" on his entrance exam. He felt really demeaned by the assumption that he only capable of scoring a lower percentage to qualify.

    He rightly surmised that even if he scored 100 percent he would be regarded as being given preferential treatment.

    His view was if he was going to get the badge he had to be as good as anyone else wearing it. Very commendable and very go-getting American attitude.

    Not one that Nanny would approve of here, or indeed in the USA where 'positive discrimination' orignated. Still, Nanny is Nanny whether she speaks prim and proper English or down home on the farm American, she still knows best buddy.

    PS, I later lived in LA and very much relate to Mr Douglas'tirades and rampage through the city of angels in that fine film Ken has chosen to illustrate the latest of Nanny's idiot schemes.

    Won't be long before Nanny and her political drones drive a few of us to do a 'Falling Down' where we live.

  3. number 610:35 AM

    Ken and all fellow posters. I think Nanny needs to be challenged every time she sets up another idiotic scheme.

    On this one, a couple of white candidates should turn up on the day. When refused entry sue for racial discrimination and 'abuse of human rights' job/age and anything else that the PC multicultural morons have dreamed up little thinking that can be used against them.

    Make sure the press know all about it and then Nanny's minions will have to squirm as they attempt to explain to the public why they are acting in what is clearly a discriminatory fashion.

    Only by forcing nanny into court and fighting these idiot schemes every time can we turn back the tide of nannyism.

  4. Number 6,

    just for you, I have added a video of the trailer for the film



  5. Anonymous11:46 AM

    The thing I liked about the USA when I was there was the way in which people were prepared to start at the bottom and work their way up without any fear of stigma.

    Mexican immigrants accepted that, having come to the US, they had to work hard. But I could see that many were fired by that drive and excitement that comes from setting new goals along with a strategy for achieving their goals and knowing that if they worked hard enough and smart enough then one day (in the words of Homer Simpson) they too could become fat, lazy, successful Americans (sorry guys but I did enjoy that episode).

    The problem with Nanny is that she doesn't seem to have any understanding of the concept of excitement associated with setting one's own goals and achieving them. Instead she feels she has to step in and handhold at every stage. Whether it's in schools where writing one's own name correctly is probably enough to obtain a pass, or young men on job creation schemes calling at houses selling things no-one wants to buy (except out of sympathy) or positive discrimination in its many forms such as the case mentioned above of the black guy and the police department.

    In almost all cases Nanny's intervention only serves to detract from the natural dynamism and incentive that drives people to excel in life - which is why she finds herself having to run faster and faster every year to provide more and more support to achieve less and less.

    The Nanny bubble must eventually burst.

  6. I have a slightly different perspective on this. I agree that Nanny should be chastised (as always), but in this case, for not doing enough.

    Why has Nanny not taken action to rectify among her firefighting corps the shocking absence - or near absence - of handicapped . . . ermmm, disabled . . .ermm, differently abled firefighters?

    When was the last time you saw a firefighter being led into a burning building by a seeing-eye dog? When was the last time you observed a crew of firefighters communicating amidst the blazing flames and smoky haze by means of internationally recognized sign language? When did you last watch one of these brave heroes ascend a ladder to rescue a screaming child while riding in a wheelchair . . . ermm, operating a wheelchair?

    Is not Nanny herself 'Falling Down' on the job?

  7. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Nanny has stepped into this problem. Fire poles are banned in fire stations as they are not wheelchair accessible.

    Quite right too, as if my house was bloody burning down the last thing I want to see is someone wheeling themselves up the drive to put it out!

  8. number 612:55 PM

    Thanks for the video trailer Ken. I can almost feel the heat and smell the smog.

    Now, while I do sport a pair of glasses not dissimiliar to Mr Douglas, I jsut need to dig out the old pump action shot gun

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    I'm sure that there are areas of government employments where non whites are over-represented, for example some parts of the NHS.

    I don't see any equivalent restrictions on employment for non-whites to even the balance.

    I'm sure that the NHS has in these cases correctly employed the best candidate for the job. Which is as it should be everywhere

  10. So called positive discrimination must, by definition, discriminate against another group.

    This is where I got angry with Mr Cameron when he drew up "A" lists for candidates to become Conservative MPs.
    I don't care if my MP is white black or pink as long as that person is the best person for the job. If that happens to be a white middle aged male, fine,: if it happens to be a one legged, single parent, black, lesbian muslim pensioner from up t'north that's also fine, as long as that person is the best person for the job.

    Political correctness etc causes more disharmony and predjudice than Hitler's faschists. One of the most racist organisations in my opinion is the commission for racial equality.

    People will naturally integrate if left alone, the second one group believes another group is being given preferential treatment, so division occurs. Sadly, Nanny is the only person that can't see it.

  11. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Tonk and I will have to agree to disagree.

    If I had a pink MP ...

    I think I’d vote for someone else and tell him to go seek medical help.

  12. English Liberation Front11:57 PM

    Diversity is a watch word of the sinister secret organisation "Common Purpose" now infiltrating a local government department near you. Diversity commissars are already a reality in many organisations, bent on implicating "positive discrimination" (surely a non sequitur?) to ensure that white, heterosexual, middle-aged males do not dominate the agenda.

  13. That trailer brings back such memories- ah, the thrill of blowing up roadworks with a TOW missile.
    And we're the bad guys?

  14. I want to be rescued by someone physically and mentally able to do the job -- not someone whose chief qualifications for the job is what dangles between his legs and the colour of his skin. You really think that the fire services will hire anyone who isn't up to the job? Who do you think has the power round there?

    It is not only legal but appropriate to hold special open days for minority groups who might not otherwise apply. It is both illegal and stupid to discriminate in the actual interviewing and appointing stages. But ensuring you get a greater number of qualified applicants to apply should raise standards for all of us.

  15. Insy:

    The fire brigade DO NOT discriminate at any stage of their recruitment proceedure. That would, as you rightly say, be illegal.

    We should ask why members of minorities do not apply for certain positions.
    You and I both want the same thing: to be rescued by people both physically and mentally capable of doing the job. I do not want to be rescued by some one whose main qualification for getting the job is a brown skin or lack of genitle appendages!! However, if such a person is suitable for that position, that is fine.
    I am interested to know why you feel that the service would be better for us all, just because more minority groups were recruited. Don't get me wrong, if some of these minority groups provide persons capable of performing the required role, I would be happy to see them in uniform, providing they get the post on merit rather than other PC criteria. I just can't see why it follows, the service would be better.

    If we are an equal society, why is it necessary to discriminate at all? Surely anyone qualified would get the position applied for on merit. So called positive discrimination, including recruitment evenings for specific gender/ethnic groups is discriminatory. I myself am in one of Nanny's pet groups and I feel it patronising in the extreme to be given special treatment, by doing so, Nanny is saying that I am not really up to the level needed, in my view, much the same way as a parent let's their child win a race against them. It is patronising and unhelpful, often in life people get a no, life is not always as we would like it to be.

    People cannot be forced to accept others that are different, in time with education they will. Too many PC fanatics see problems that do not exist. Too often you put words and feelings in to our mouths that aren't there. Why not ask a few of us what we feel about so called positive discrimination. I feel I have made my feelings plain in my statement above. Stop patronising me and others and just let us live our lives. How do you think I feel if I get a position just because I am disabled? How do you think other able bodied people will react to me because I just got the job because I was disabled? It makes me need to be better than all my co-workers to prove that I am capable of performing the role and that I did not get the post just because I am a member of one of PC Nanny's pet groups.