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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Lunchbox Inspectors

Ken's Lunchbox
Oh dear, is there nothing that Nanny and her trolls won't poke their noses into?

Now it seems that dinner ladies could soon be used to monitor school lunchboxes, in order to ensure that children are eating healthy meals.

Under Nanny's "obesity strategy" (give me strength!), there are plans to force all schools to implement a "healthy lunchbox policy".

Good grief!

Seemingly parents may even be asked to sign a form agreeing to ban unhealthy foods from their children's lunches.

Nanny has also called on heads to stop children from leaving schoolgrounds during lunchtimes.

Well, I realise that schools are not places that any child wants to be in, but we have to make them prison camps???

When I was a "nipper" my mum would make me a nice lunchbox containing a myriad of delights, eg:

-a thermos of soup
-a banana sandwich
-homemade crisps (with added salt and grated cheese)
-a chocolate cup cake, or Jaffa cakes

Nanny wouldn't have approved of much of that.

Even the soup was risky, one day I dropped the thermos and the vacuum glass interior broke. Being a thickheaded child I happily drank the contents anyway, wondering why there were silver bits in the soup.

When I came back home I told my mum about this, and she promptly rushed me off to the doctor.

"Don't worry Mrs Frost, they don't use mercury now and whatever he swallowed will come out later."

Look at me now...perfectly healthy, and fully functional!

As Margaret Morrissey, of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations, said:

"We don't need politicians to tell us what to put in our lunchboxes."


Once Nanny has implemented this policy it will dawn on her that the kids' diet is dictated, in the main, by what they eat at home.

Next step, Nanny will be inspecting people's dining tables (yes, I know people don't use tables anymore!).


  1. Tonk Borg12:23 PM

    When Nanny implements such policies, I actually find it offensive. She is actually saying that I am so daft that I cannot be trusted to feed myself properly.
    She is also suggesting that we can't be trusted to feed our children.
    Nanny has just announced that a local school is selling off part of it's sports field to build houses, surely banning sport, either on PC grounds, 'Elf'in'safety grounds or because there is nolonger anywhere to play sports grounds, this is showing what a load of rubbish Nanny's anti obesity policy is.

    In time, I see Nanny feeding a single multi nutrional tablet to us all three times a day, likely at our desks, so production needs not be diminished by meal break down times, then she would be happy.

    A nation of worker drones is what Nanny craves. A little bit like the Borg collective in Star Trek, perhaps that is what Nanny is modelling her future society on....Resistance is futile...You will be assimilated.

    Makes us proud to be Borg doesn't it.

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Ken said:

    "When I was a nipper my mum would make me ...
    Look at me now ... perfectly healthy, and fully functional!"

    You were lucky! I had to get up in t' morning at ten o'clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down t' mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work.

    Try and tell the young people of today that ... they wouldn't believe you!

  3. Dear Mr. Frost,

    We have noted on your website "Nanny Knows Best" a distubing tendency to concentrate upon salt-related public health issues. Our reconds indicate that your very first post, in September of 2004, made light of our mascot, Sid the Slug, whose purpose was to establish in the minds of the public - and most particularly, among the vulnerable and impressionable young - the extreme hazards associated with excessive salt intake. You, however, seem to be of the opinion that this public health intiaitive constitutes something of a "joke."

    Do you consider salt to be a laughing matter, Mr Frost?

    More recently, we have recorded on your website an alarming upsurge, what one might term a near-psychotic obsession, with salt. These salt-related posts, in both tone and content, demonstrate a recklessly cavalier disregard for public safety.

    For example, just the other day you bestowed your prestigious "Prats of the Week Award" to the Rochdale Council for their - in our estimation, quite progressive and enlightened - "Salt Awareness Week" campaign.

    Mr. Frost, one wonders whether you would would delight in seeing your fellow Britons lying dead by the thousands in the streets due to salt poisoning. You may be interested to learn that the Ministry of Defense is even now weighing the reclassification of salt as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

    To continue our account, you yesterday posted yet more pro-salt propaganda under the heading, "Nanny Bans Salt Again and Again," and today we see in your current post, the following:

    "homemade chips with add SALT (emphasis ours) and grated cheese . . . " below which you add, in a most aggressive tone, "We don't need politicians to tell us what to put in our lunch boxes."

    Just who is this "we" to which you refer? Please supply names (first, middle, and last), addresses, and any other electronic information you may have accumulated with regard to your "following." Do not be alarmed. All such data will be kept strictly confidential within our ultra-secure computer files, so there's no need for worry.

    You will kindly forward to us the requested information at the following address:

    Salt-Health Intake Team of England.
    114 Avenue of the O'Brians
    Dorking-Whipswitch-Fuckall 08321

    Thank you for your cooperation,


  4. Lord of Atlantis3:40 PM

    I am all in favour of healthy eating, and other aspects of living healthily, but this should be through INFORMED CHOICE. This latest proposal is more akin to a POLICE STATE.

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:40 PM

    I am all in favour of healthy eating, and other aspects of living healthily, but this should be through INFORMED CHOICE. This latest proposal is more akin to a POLICE STATE.

  6. grumpy4:28 PM

    Let's get this straight once and for all; the 'salt thing', like the 'drinking thing', the 'smoking thing' and all the other little 'things' Nanny keeps on finding in order to screw around with our lives, has nothing to do with offering dietary advice; Elfin Safety advice; anti-obesity advice, or any other fucking 'advice'; It's about demonstrating Nanny's power over us stupid plebs who will stand for any SHITE (see Black Sea's blog).

    Why does Nanny do it?
    Because she can!

    One can imagine how such a situation began: Two Council minions, bored, nothing to do, play a game of 'Who can think of the most ludicrous by-law?' Great fun which passes the long, overpaid day quite quickly.
    The loser of the game says to his mate, "I bet you couldn't get the Council to accept your idea."
    His mate, full of himself says, "I'll work on it, we could give it a try tomorrow; it'll be good for a laugh."
    Tomorrow comes, straight-faced they suggest the unbelievably stupid idea to the boss. He, being a know-nothing prat thinks it sounds like a great - and novel - idea. He tells his boss about it and suddenly BINGO! the idea becomes Council policy; the two original jokers are congratulated and rewarded and begin to believe that they are geniuses so, off they go, back to their office to dream up some other valuable ideas to keep us all in check.(Substitute the word 'Government for 'Council' wherever appropriate).

    By now, of course, all such worthless arseholes have begun to believe in their Gordon-given right to chuck any sort of nonsense at us, simply because (except on blogs like this) nobody has yet said "Fuck Off and take your bloody silly ideas with you."

    Revolution now?

  7. I think we have to realise where the problem really originated.


    That particular area of London is home to the TV/Meedja-deen clique that is the cultural force behind NuLab or their fake opposition, NuLib. NuTory is trying hard to get in on the game, but will it ever be accepted? Only with extreme patronisation.

    The Meedjadeen have prepared the way on TV, Radio and in the Papers, and now they are 'embracing' the internet. Like a Boa Constrictor.
    Examples? 'Kim and Aggie'-the clean police.
    'Queer Eye'-the fashion police;
    'X-Factor' - the taste police;
    Casualty/Holby City/The Royal-the health police.
    The Bill- the police police.

    Every miserable 'whodunnit' that gets hosed over our screens? A way of portraying 'their' kind of people as heroic, no matter how implausible.

  8. number 612:13 PM

    While I joke about Nannyism, as we all do from time to time on this site, it really is no joke that Nanny in whatever guise feels she/it has the right to poke into your kids lunch box.

    Don't forget that the custodians of law and order (see how well they are doing at that by the daily toll of killings, rapes, robberies etc etc) can now pull your kid out of the car to measure them as to their EU mandated size to fit the safety seat in your car.

    This is no joke at all and yes, I have seen the fucking jokers mob handed doing just this in my town.

    There will be a long traffic jam behind me if some plod or worst plastic plod thinks he is going to measure my kid up like an animal on the way to the farm.

    Child abuse springs to mind, but of course if Nanny is doing it, it must be 'for our own good' as we are all to stupid to ensure our kids travel safely in our own cars, or indeed eat a healthy lunch.

    As I stated earlier, in the best of British fashion, we all like to take the piss out of Nanny, but it is all going to far and we have to stop laughing and start taking action.

  9. grumpy2:12 PM

    As number 6 said,
    "...we all like to take the piss out of Nanny, but it is all going to far and we have to stop laughing and start taking action."

    We have accepted a situation where, while we think we're taking the piss out of Nanny, it is actually she who is taking the piss out of us.

    When WE take the piss, we have a laugh, or a moan, about this bunch of cretins who are supposed to be our elected representatives; we huff and puff a bit, perhaps blog about it and then, like the good little Brits we are, shrug our shoulders and grin (and bear it).

    When The Government takes the piss, it takes away - steadily but surely - our freedom. When they have a moan about the bunch of cretins who elected them, they look for yet another way of making us impotent. No laughing matter!

    Once they've implemented it, without any effective opposition, they are simply encouraged to carry on and on and on: they can, so they will! Who or what is going to stop them?.

    So long as they are allowed to get away with this sort of crap, they will continue to do so - I hear today for instance that Nanny is going to pay benefits for all their families into the banks of Muslim polygamists, even though polygamy is illegal here and even though doing so denies their wives any access to such benefits. Will we stand for this? You bet your fucking life we will; and Sharia Law; and Islamist School separation from the mainstream; and measuring our kids and telling us what to eat or to feed our kids; and being refused treatment on the NHS because you are too old/too fat/a smoker/a drinker or whatever else.

    They can only do this if we let them and, so far, all most of us have done is to wave our arms about a bit and say "tut, tut".

    If, over any period of time, you have read the blogs that appear on this site, you must be aware of the numbers of dissenters; we all seem to be educated, articulate and angry: when are we going to stop allowing ourselves to be fucked-over and start fighting back?

    I know that, having expatriated myself, I may be considered to be a deserter, but I swear that if I thought there was any prospect of effective resistance I would give up my cosy life and come back to fight; in any way that might become necessary.

    Revolution now?

  10. Thank-you ken for writing this blog.
    Its always good to see more freedom-fighters out there who won't allow themselves to go quietly into the night.

    Another topic of Nannyness that you might not yet be aware of is the National Animal Identification System regulation.

    This is a mandatory system which will require anybody who owns an agricultural animal to chip them, then file a looooong list of forms and fees to our peerless leaders up top.

    NAIS will destroy what few small farmers remain in America, while leaving special loopholes for big factory-farms to continue along unharmed.
    All done for the sake of "Protecting us from disease".

    But wait, it gets worse.
    I myself have talked to several government supporters of N.A.I.S and even they admitted that the system wouldn't actually work to fight a biological threat. All it will do is funnel money into the hands of those hellish factory-farms and to the chip manufacturers, while destroying the dreams of homesteaders.

    NAIS was originally cloaked in a vail of secrecy, keeping it far away from the eyes of the public. Luckily though, a few real patriots discover the plot and managed to spread the word to every corner in the US of A. In a truly massive response, Hundreds of thousands have joined the fight.

    One of the most important centers of organization for this anti-NAIS movement can be found at:

    There you will find all the information you need about NAIS and how to fight it.

    Mr Grinch.

    A diet program to reduce childhood obesity among school children in Scotland was given an interesting name: Hungry for Success. According to NHS Health Scotland, the program has been a `substantial` success ... except it failed to work.
    “However, that the period of successful implementation of Hungry for Success has been paralleled by increasing levels of childhood obesity and inactivity.”

    Mississippi legislators this week introduced a bill that would make it illegal for state-licensed restaurants to serve obese patrons. [think stars of footie, generally with BMI over 30]

  12. Grant1:27 PM

    Johna wrote:

    "Mississippi legislators this week introduced a bill that would make it illegal for state-licensed restaurants to serve obese patrons. [think stars of footie, generally with BMI over 30]"


    The word 'prohibition' comes to mind - a huge success from Nanny America's history.

    Presumably it is the distinct lack of long term histroy that leads most of America into discounting history per se as a source of useful learning and, ultimately, knowledge?

    I can just see illegal mobile cookhouses tearing through the swamps trying toi outrun the local Sherrif. I'm sure there is a TV series somewhere in that image.