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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Dangers of Eggs - Update

This just in:

"Dear Mr Frost,

Many thanks for sending me the link to the blog.

It appears that you disagree with the TV advertising code which all TV advertising should comply with. Clearcast is not responsible for its wording, and you therefore may want to raise your concern with those responsible.

Kind regards,

Kristoffer Hammer

Kristoffer Hammer | Editorial Standards Manager
Clearcast Ltd
2nd Floor | 4 Roger Street | London | WC1N 2JX


  1. AH!

    Nanny's game of pass the parcel in which the music never stops.

    Who said perpetual motion machinery does not exist?

  2. Emmmm so it looks like they are using a hammer to crack the eggs....if I read this item correctly:-)

  3. Grant7:14 PM

    Subsequent to my previous comment on this I have re-read Mr. Hammer's response to Ken and the thought occurs to me that one is unable to tell from it whether Mr. Hammer is Pro or Anti egg or, indeed, the advert.

    That is probably as it should be when he responds to a member of the public representing his official job function.

    Given the nature of the framing and wording of such replies it is difficult to be sure whether Mr. Hammer is playing the political game I referred to above or is equally peeved being pushed into presenting such a ludicrous decision.

    This JUST MIGHT be a "You may think so but I couldn't possibly comment." sort of response.

    It would be nice to think of it that way.