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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ideas Above His Station

Ken Leninspart
Clearly Ken Leninspart (Mayor of London) has got ideas above his station.

His recent decree that he will impose a "congestion charge" of £25 per "4*4", in order to limit noxious fumes and "save the environment", may all be very well and good were his role in life as London's Mayor to save the planet.

However, it is not.

The aim of the "congestion charge" is to reduce the amount of traffic in London. A "4*4" takes up the same room, more or less, as any other car.

This £25 charge goes beyond the concept of "congestion" control.

Mayor Ken, like all of Nanny's acolytes, has gotten beyond himself.

That of course does not matter to Nanny, £25 is a nice little earner!


  1. number 69:54 AM

    Ken knows that the idiots who vote for him (apart from block religious votes) are hardly likely to own 4x4s.

    The politics of envy plays very nicely with these voters. After all it is the fault of the posh git driving the SUV 4x4 that is to blame for the fact that they left school at 14, hold a minimum wage job, or none, spend all their spare cash on larrrggeeer and fags aint it!

  2. I agree with number 6.
    It is all about tax income...Kerching. The sheep of the UK will stand for any diktat if it is said to be in the name of the new religion of climate change. (Pass the sick bag please)

    Many of the 4x4s have lower emissions than many of the much smaller cars unaffected by this new charge. Two of the cars affected by Mr Livingston's latest diktat are still produced in this country...Jaguars and Landrover Discoveries....Yes that is sheer genius Mr Livingston.

    It is not just 4x4s affected, look at the list....Mr Livingston will not be happy until he has forced all vehicles off the roads, at least in the USSR the party allowed others to use the roads...they just had their own lane.

    Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.

  3. Of course, once vehicles have been driven (no pun intended) off the road the revenue from this nice little earner will fall so the next logical steps to make up for this are:

    1) Public transport charge - a tax levied on top of the usual fares paid by passengers using public transport. After all, buses still emit pollutants and wear out the roads in the glorious state of Nannytopia so expect to pay your dues citizen.

    2) Pedestrian fresh air tax - getting the air clean did not come cheap you know so if you cross into the marked zones expect to pay a levy of five pounds a day for being allowed to breathe the glorious fresh air.

  4. number 611:51 AM

    Listen mate, CONgestion charge is a nice little earner that my old mate Kenno (likes a drop of the old gold watch at 10 in the morning, but then who don't eh?) dreamed up. Tax the old London drivers then use a taxi yourself (claimed on expenses) or the 'company car' c charge exempt when no ones looking.

    End result, loads more loverly jubbyly money to bung yer mates -hello Japser me old son, ere's a few bob for your latest 'enterprise.'

    Must dash, meeting Kenno for a bowl of jellied eels (halal naturally as we are inclusive) then off for a few jars to divvy up the lolly.

    All togther now, "Maybe its because I'm a Londoner that I let this xxxx run the tahhnnn.."

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I have wondered how long it would take nanny to tax the air.

    anyway, those 4x4's have killed the Lochness monster, according to the new state religion of climate change.

  6. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Oh no - I've just realised. I own a tie exactly the same as Red Ken.


    I will now contribute my little bit to the emissions debacle by burning the damn rag.

    John W

  7. English Liberation Front5:46 PM

    Once a nasty little commie spud always a nasty little commie spud. He stinks and his rotten regime stinks.

  8. I just hope that businesses desert London in droves.

    And why do I think of a 6ft length of 4x2 timber whenever I see a picture of the old newt-lover?