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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Educashun - Nanny Fails Again

Educashun - Nanny Fails Again
Nanny loves to waste money, especially when it's not hers.

It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that Nanny has burned her way through more than £1BN, in her pathetic attempt at social engineering and recruiting students from disadvantaged homes to attend university.

Guess how many students this £1BN has bought.

A meagre 5,300!

Universities' intake of students classed as having "working class" backgrounds has crept up only fractionally.

Those of you with hangovers, who cannot do the maths, will be interested to learn that the money spent by Nanny comes to a stonking £211,500 per additional "working class" student sent to university.

Money well spent!


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Surely this is self funding though - through the student loans business.

    The grateful students enjoying the input and company of the 5000 or so recruited with the cash will be happy to repay their loans to cover the cost.

    After all, the average student borrowing is only about 15 to 20k over 3 years so each underprivileged recruit can be supported by a mere 120 to 150 students.

    Oh, er, hang on. A few more than that of course since the loan repayment is not 100% profit. And then of course the profit that there is needs to fund the jobs of the army of admin workers the Student Loans Company seems to require to be as inefficient as they are. Quite why they need to bonbard so many people with so many letters I really don't know. Still, I suppose it provides a sponge in the job market for those graduates who don't manage to find regular jobs after their degree success.

    So it probably takes the entire 'profits' of several years of students to fund the 5000.

    This must be what happens when you get lawyers running a country as a business.

  2. If we went back to free at point of delivery university education for all those capable of completing the course, we would not have driven so many poorer people away from further education.
    Butt Wipe Blair stated that he would not introduce university tuition fees, however he did. The irony is that all those that decided to introduce this obstacle to further education, enjoyed a free university education themselves without any of Nanny's fees.

    Graduates have always, well before the current crop of useless degree courses, earned more and thus paid more tax over their working life. This is in fact self funding and does not need hundreds of Nanny helpers to administer it.

    The rot really set in as far as I'm concerned, when they gave University status to many old colleges and pollys and these "institutions" continued to offer nonsense courses. I think of degrees in media studies as an example and 'Elf'in'Safety with feminist political history as another.

    It seems to me that Nanny has manipulated further education in order to get more control over those that are, in Nanny's tiny mind, suitable for it. I.e. her pets.

    Nanny has an anti Midas touch...Everything she touches turns to soft brown smelly stuff.

    Makes you proud to be British doesn't it.

  3. grumpy12:23 PM

    An interesting (I hope) sideline on tonk's observation on modern unversity graduates.
    A couple of years ago I had the surreal experience of being approached by a graduate of an English 'university' (BSc in Sports Science!) asking me for private English lessons. It seemed that he had - on the strength of his degree - obtained a job as an English teacher here in Turkey. Having discovered that his students were more fluent in the language than he was, he thought that he should try to redress the balance. Having failed to impress me (I don't do remedial classes), he took himself off to a Turkish teacher; so far as I am aware, he is still under her tuition!
    Makes yer; like, fink dunnit?

  4. skydog2:24 PM

    My son got his yearly statement from the Student loans Company Ltd. this week. He now owes a mere £2184. Which is peanuts really in this day and age. However, whilst I was perusing this statement I happened to glance at the address of 'Student Loans Co.Ltd. .... 100 Bothwell Street, GLASGOW. If this isn't taking the pi55 then I don't know what is. Scottish University students don't pay 'tuition fees!'

  5. If we could engage in mathematical speculation, some percentage of these "working class" students will enroll in university, but fail to graduate. Of those who do graduate, a significant percentage will do so with degrees in Medja Studys, Sports Science, and the like.

    If one were to calculate the cost per "working class" student educated to graduation with a degree in some legitimate field requiring both though and study, I suspect that the cost per student would exceed one million dollars.

    Why not just hand over to these poor working class yobs that money in the form of a lifelong trust fund, skip the educashun, and voila, they're automatically catapulted into the upper class.

    Money well spent, indeed!

  6. Simon The Horible10:13 PM

    Do you ever wonder about the credentials of your airline captain?

    Can her/she actually read the approach charts, or do they let the computer do all the work?

  7. Grant2:31 AM


    How have you managed to avoid your own personal contact with the Student Loans Company for so long? It is almost impossible to not know they are based in Scotland.

    black sea:

    Good argument.


    Great story. One to remember for a pub eveing or dinner party. Though I rarely attend either. I will have to find some way to create an opportunityh to retell that one.

  8. Simon The Horrible- 20 years ago when I learned to fly, you could build up 150 hours in command, then train as an instructor. Then build up 750 hours P1 and go for a CPL(commercial pilots license) then eventually an ATP license(air transport pilots license).
    It was like the Midshipman apprentiship.
    All cancelled now; now you either get in with the in crowd in BA or somewhere, or find the £50,000 up front.
    The cunts simply can't stand the idea that somebody, somewhere, has fun, gets work, and doesn't spend a fortune doing it.
    So your question is valid. Now.

  9. Simon The Horrible11:47 PM


    You and I know how to fly an approach.

    In a few years, does the semi-literate know how to fly an approach with one engine out?

    Probably not.

    They are not allowed to fail, because it may cause them self esteem "Issues"


  10. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I run my own pr company. I am regularly approached by poor buggers who have shelled out for a degree in 'media studies' and are desperate for a job, so desperate that they would even consider working for me.

    I don't have the heart to tell them that they have been conned and that this 'degree' (as with so many being created and churned out by our increasingly poor universities) is worth as much as a sandwich wrapping NVQ Level II dipolma in the real world.

  11. number 69:50 AM

    Nanny loves "issues" everyone has "issues" that Nanny and only Nanny can address.

    Nanny sees "issues" relating to every aspect of our lives from "car use issues" through to "waste disposal issues" and she employs lots of little "issue" helpers to deal with these, well, er "issues"

    I you have an "issue" with Nanny's micro management of your life tough as that is one "issue" in which is not going to be addressed - except with more intrusion, of course.