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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, March 07, 2008

Educashun - Failed Degrees

It is reassuring to know that, in this "enlightened age" of educashun for all, Nanny is ensuring that our money is being spent wisely on degrees and courses that add value to society.


A staggering 22% of university students fail to complete their degree courses. That is the finding of a report, recently released by the National Audit Office, for the Public Accounts Committee.

This drop out rate is in spite of Nanny spending £800M on a scheme designed to curb dropping out.

The root cause of the problem is Nanny's obsession with pushing more and more people into higher educashun, as she desperately tries to manipulate her unemployment statistics.

Square pegs in round holes do not fit!

Here's some free advice for Nanny, if the primary and secondary educashun system is so poor and weak that it produces a nation of innumerate, illiterate dullards what is the point of forcing them into higher educashun?

The report notes that the drop-out rate is worse among those at former polytechnics, the con trick of the century was renaming "polys" as universities, where 44% fail to gain a qualification.

A fundamental weakness of the students is their lack of basic numeracy skills, they simply cannot understand their assignments and lectures.

The educashun system run by Nanny is a complete con trick, on the general population and the poor saps who have to endure it, designed to keep people off the unemployment register.

The report also notes that universities receive a bonus for every student they recruit from "non-traditional" backgrounds. Therefore they are incentivised to take on students (who may well be completely unsuited to university life) simply to take a "bung".

Another con trick by Nanny!

The basics of educashun need to be taught properly first; ie reading and writing.

This is what I'm talking about:


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Let people succeed or fail on their own, and the cream will always rise to the top. Unfortunately our betters are trying to socially engineer who the "cream" will be, and we end up with weak tea all around.


  2. Erm failure is fine. Degrees are intended to be hard.

  3. grumpy2:24 PM

    Unfortunately, the scum also rises to the top - which goes a long way to explaining the UK/EU/USA etc. today.