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Friday, March 28, 2008

Knobheads of The Year - BAA II

Knobheads of The Year - BAA II
Hearty congratulations to BAA for thoroughly screwing up the first day of operations of Terminal 5 Thiefrow (sorry I mean Heathrow).

Chaos reigned supreme yesterday as check ins, baggage belts and lifts failed. I understand that today is pretty shambolic too.

How ironic that I gave them the "Knobheads of The Year" Award yesterday!

Now let me see, what have I said on several occasions about BAA's competence...errmmm???

Oh yes, this is what I said:

"BAA are shite, and regularly manage to screw up simple tasks such as baggage handling. The effective, efficient and secure control of personal data such as prints is way beyond their capabilities."

The words "brewery", "piss up", "couldn't" and "organise" spring to mind...if someone could please arrange them in the correct order for me...

Suffice to say, given the dismal performance of BAA wrt terminal 5 Thiefrow, how on earth can they be trusted with our fingerprint data?

I am absolutely certain that BAA, in it current form, will cease to exist in the not too distant future. Let us hope that whatever rises from the ashes is an improvement.

BAA, well deserving knobheads of the year.


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    From what I read in the Snoozepaper this morning the entire thing does seem to be a monumental cockup at the most basic level.

    Roll on the Olympics - another opportunity to show the world the results of our organisational leadership and project management skills together with our World Class ability to select suitable partners.

    On this basis I wouldn't trust the management of BAA to be able to use a floor mop.


  2. grumpy10:52 AM

    you said, "The words "brewery", "piss up", "couldn't" and "organise" spring to mind...if someone could please arrange them in the correct order for me..."
    Can I take it that you will not be asking someone from either BAA or the Government to do so?

  3. I wonder if BAA managed this cock up on their own or if they used Nanny as a consultant.

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I was listening to the news tonight about "weary travellers queuing at the British Airways Terminal 5 Help Desk to rebook, find another flight or get a refund".

    What surprised me most was how so many people walked head-first into the chaos.

    I find life to be one long continuous risk-management exercise. To be in a particular place at a particular time, the basic rules of due diligence would advise against flying with any airline several days on either side of it initiating such a major transfer to a new facility like T5.

    Seemingly, there were assurances given in advance that the transfer would be virtually seamless, and perhaps some people felt an overwhelming loyalty towards BA. But to me, flying with an alternative airline would have been the most obvious way of limiting exposure to the risk.

    Time will tell how such a mess happened but it’s pretty clear that we just don’t pull together anymore as a nation like we used to.