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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hiding Behind Nanny's Petticoats

Hiding Behind Nanny's Petticoats
There is one thing worse than Nanny...

Really? I hear you ejaculate (can I say ejaculate here?)

Yes, there really is one thing worse than Nanny!

What's that then Ken?

People, or organisations, who hide behind Nanny's petticoats and use her policies/warped ideas to further their own commercial/political ends.

Ladies and Gentleman...a roll on the drums please...

Drum Roll



Their crime?

They have recently publicly demanded that Nanny introduce new laws to ban the sale of cut-price alcohol.

Tesco claims that this is in response to the public concern over the level of drink-fuelled crime and disorder.

Tesco claim that legislation is required to "ensure responsible pricing on alcohol".

Now the more intelligent amongst you may well ask, why doesn't Tesco simply put their prices up?

Oh dear oh dear, how little you understand the dilemma that Tesco finds itself in.

You see, if it were to do that people would simply shop elsewhere; and we couldn't have that now, could we?

You see, what Tesco actually wants to do is to use Nanny to pass laws that will enable it and its rivals to fix the prices (to the detriment of the consumers) which is of course illegal at the moment.

Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco's chief executive, has already been pushing Gordown Brown to discuss measures, including price controls, to tackle anti-social and under-age drinking.

In case you have forgotten, despite these "valiant" claims to be a "responsible" corporate citizen and "concerned" about cheap booze, Tesco has been happily selling cans of lager for less than the price of bottled water (mind you that says more about the extortionate price of water - real consumer rip off - than the price of booze).

Lucy Neville-Rolfe, an executive director at Tesco, recently said:

"We accept that we have a role to play in addressing the problem of anti-social drinking.

Competition law prevents businesses discussing anything to do with price with each other and imposes severe penalties for breaches.

The only safe solution is for the Government to initiate and lead those discussions and to bring forward legislative proposals which Tesco and others in our industry can support.

Such proposals would have to apply to all retailers of alcohol otherwise they would be ineffective, as those looking for cheap alcohol would simply shop with lower-priced operators not covered by the legislation, undermining our business and achieving nothing


It's a price fixing scheme from start to finish, designed to stifle competition (most notably the smaller corner shops).

It is unpleasant to see a commercial organisation hiding behind Nanny's petticoats in this manner, organisations should not support/encourage restrictive state practices to further their own commercial ends. This can lead us all down a very unpleasant road indeed.

Tesco should be reminded that other organisations, who in the past supported "assertive" state control, have some very ugly history that they have had to hang their heads in shame over - eg Krupp.


  1. grumpy11:23 AM

    Since when were shopkeepers anointed as the guardians of Britain's morality? It's bad enough being lectured at by a bunch of 'public service' morons without being preached at by some fucking grocer!

    Ken is absolutely right of course -Mr & Mrs Tesco and Lord & Lady Sainsbury and Arthur Asda don't give a toss about whether you kill yourself with their produce: just so long as they make profit from it. 'Profit' is, after all, what they are in business to make; how much better it would be if they would just say so and spare us all the mealy-mouthed bullshit.

  2. The problem of binge drinking, assuming there is one, will only be addressed when the Police start enforcing existing laws in relation to underage drinking and anti social behaviour.
    The big supermarkets is not where kids are buying their booze, it is the small independent corner shops that is their main source.
    If these corner shops are caught flouting the laws, take their license away and prosecute the owner and the child buying the booze....Problem solved.

    Tesco has got a lot of free publicity out of this one. I agree it is a sickening sight to see people hiding behind Nannys petticoats is this way.

  3. So this is why the checkout staff were always asking me if I'm over 21?
    They don't even bother anymore, they think it is silly too.
    Still, they were only obeying orders; orders from some little wet fart in management who made them do it because they needed their jobs.
    Bring back intransigent unions is what I say!

  4. Presumably, since Tesco is so concerned for the public welfare, they will voluntarily contribute a substantial percentage of their mark-up on the sale of booze to various rehabilitation facilities that assist their customers in "drying out."

    Errrmmm . . . or am I mistaken?

  5. I can't imagine thief Brown ever allowing Tesco to put up prices, and thus enrich themselves, when he has the option to order his stooge Darling to impose a higher tax, and grab the money for himself.

    Come on, Tesco - get real, or watch Thursday's budget for the answer.

  6. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Don't mention the budget!

    It looks like global warming is going to be used as an excuse for another tax bonanza, irrespective of the fact that the northern hemisphere has experienced one of its coldest winters for decades with record levels of snow and ice deposits in the Arctic.

  7. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I rather think we should speed up the promotion of the various bits of nonsense spouted by the Western Nannies - Climate Change, booze, food, terrorism, whatever. You name name it, Nanny spouts.

    If we could create a crescendo for all of them at the same time maybe people would finally feel the real threats the face from the Global Stasi and reclaim their lives.

    If the Tesco's apparent position could be used to promote this, with or without their intention be clear, so much the better.

    I not that BT are planning to fine me now if I don't take paperless billing and Direct Debit rather than Invoice. It is a Green fine - they will buy some tress apparently. I don't want them to buy trees. Since when does BT have that right?

    I don't find myself in a minority when such matters come in general discussion. Even chats with complete strangers (so no potential for simple self-opinion reinforcement from known like minded people) produce the same responses.

    Maybe this budget will light the blue touchpaper?

  8. Grant5:24 PM


    Why does blogger fail so often at first post attempts (and even all post attempts) when I indicate to use a name against the post but work fine if I post anonymously?

    Is blogger the software of Nanny?