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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 09, 2009

Bin Brother - Hackney Films Litter "Suspects"

Bin Brother
Be warned, Nanny's chums in Hackney council not only film people who drop litter but also those who the 11 members of the "litter police" suspect might drop litter.

How the hell do you suspect someone of maybe about to drop a piece of litter?

Is this an example of a "thought crime", as foreseen by Orwell in 1984?

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  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Not long after the smoking ban came into force and smokers transformed from members of society who happened to smoke into selfish, socially irresponsible, filthy addicts, there was a newspaper report of an over-zealous jobsworth who issued a litter fine to someone because he thought that she was going to drop her cigarette butt.

    The problem is that jobsworths don't realise that they're so poor at thinking that they should really leave it up to the more competent, namely, those with a couple of brain cells.

    When is all this nonsense going to stop? It's outrageous that no-one is taking LAs to task for the kind of behaviour that you describe, Ken. What is it going to take before people snap? Personally, I think that the economic mess we're in will act as a catalyst and all the anger and frustration that people feel as they try to go about their daily lives will erupt as the recession deepens. The trouble is that if the anger is displaced and this crap not directly addressed then, when the economy recovers, we'll still be left with the high-handed authoritarianism from which it results.

    The only choices seem to be revolution or emigration or - minority parties such as UKIP or LPUK getting a foothold.


  2. Was it not less than a fortnight ago that we learned many CCTVs were not watched, and if a crime report came in noone was available to use the "joystick" to reposition camera[s] in the area, because there was not only a lack of money to pay a warm body to fill the chair but no money to train anyone who might be spared to do so?

    Ah, but litter watchdogs, now that is far more important than a robbery of a take-away!

  3. Ken:

    On last night's local news from the state broadcaster, it was stated that "The People's Republic of Brighton" were trying out "communal" bins in order to stop the need for door to door rubbish collection.....The idea is that residents of the said borough, would take their rubbish to these large "skips with lids" rather than leave them at the roadside....Any experience of this experiment?

    This scheme works well in some European countries but the rubbish is collected daily, I don't know if this is Brighton's intention or not.

  4. We have that particular scheme here in Spain. I prefer it but as you say, it gets collected daily (overnight normally). We can dump what we like, when we like. Drawback is if its outside your front door!

  5. FesterinDun8:24 PM

    Why do you tolerate this?

    What is it going to take for you to snap and start taking back your country?

    How weak do you have to get before you fight back?

    Us jocks do not tolerate such schemes - the litter wardens tend to end up with sore faces - why do you?