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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nanny Bans Casinos

Nanny Bans CasinosThree cheers for Nanny's ever vigilant and proactive Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Always keen to ensure that adverts are legal, decent, honest, non offensive etc they have decided to ban some of Ladbroke's adverts for their online casino.

One of the adverts features a skydiver trying to use a crisp packet as a parachute (implying that his thirst for risk could have been quenched at Ladbrokes).

Anyhoo, this advert was far too much for the people at ASA.

For why?

One person complained and the advert was banned because it:

"portrayed gambling in a context of toughness and linked it to excessive risk-taking and reckless behaviour".

Errmm...isn't that what gambling basically is, the thrill and risk of possibly winning/losing?

Where were the ASA during the endowment mortgage binge of the 1980's, or the credit binge of the last decade (where financial institutions duped some people into losing their houses and tied them into debt for decades)?

FYI, if you mention those episodes to the ASA they tell you that the responsibility rests with Nanny's other toothless and passive organisation the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Ironic considering that the government have raised the payout levels on gambling (no doubt in an effort to raise more revenue).

    If you happen to be a bit of an insomniac just try finding a channel that isn't running some sort of bingo, word game or poker game on with online gambling on your TV.

    Hypocritical as usual!

  2. Fascinating stuff. They had one complaint. I know of adverts, in this case anti smoking adverts, which have received many complaints. I have only taken the trouble to complain once, which was about one of the anti smoking adverts. I was disgusted by the reply, which began by telling me that they were aware that I didn't like these kind of adverts - didn't I? I had never spoken to them before. I was even more disgusted when I discovered that the respose was a word for word standard reply which they sent to complaints about anti smoking adverts. So, if they got so few complaints about them, why did they create a standard reply?

    The ASA, an indepenadant group to protect the sensibilities of the public? This government, (and I believe any future government), pull all the strings and call all the shots. No organisation is independant, the press are not free, and the TV is the governments spokeperson. The UK is a dictatorship which plays a game called democracy.
    Sorry, what was that about 'common purpose'?