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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bin Tax

Bin Tax
Be warned, Nanny is about to launch a "bin tax" by stealth.

A clause in the Climate Change Act means that all councils are free to adopt charges of up to £100, without MPs voting on the issue first.

There's democracy for you!

This week is the deadline for councils bidding to run the first pay as you throw pilot schemes.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs confirmed that powers in the clause will allow any pilot scheme to be implemented across every council in England by ministerial order.

A 'bin chip tax' would see households receive a bill based on the weight of the contents of their bin.

A 'weekly collection tax' would mean households wanting to receive weekly rubbish collection paying an extra charge.

A 'bin bag tax' would see families charged extra for special bin bags for non-recyclable waste.

The 'bin size tax', would be based on the size of the bin.


Nanny has found another way to screw us!

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  1. I thought they'd "binned" this one, town halls were too scared to implement it, so there were no takers for the scheme!

    Government's pay-as-you-throw bin charges on the scrapheap

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I suspect Nanny knows local councils will not implement these schemes, as they know it would be political suicide to do so however, Nanny and Euronanny wants this so, it will come in eventually. I suspect it will be implemented with a clause in the legislation that will give massive compensation to the contractors should a future government bin it so to speak.
    I hear that similar penalty clauses are already written into agreements with Nanny's chums that will be working on the ID card scheme.

    In my opinion, we are consumers and have little choice how much rubbish we have to get rid off due to the fact that much of our food etc is over packaged, incidently, much of this packaging is due to 'Elf'n'Safety diktats in relation to food hygine.
    Any "tax" because that's what it is, on disposal of packaging should be put on at source, not onto the end consumer....Yes, these costs may be passed on but, suppliers are more likely to look for better packaging if it is costing them money not to.

    In the current economic mess, I am so surprised that the public are still falling for Nanny's biggest con regarding the new religion of climate change.....We can't afford it at the present time and so the whole thing should be put on hold until such a time we can....This would also allow more independent research to be done, where a truer picture can be found, rather than the current situation of "Funding is only there if you support Nanny's position."

  3. Anonymous2:26 PM

    If this comes in I wonder if we'll see the countryside strewn with bin bags or communities organising a mass dumping of bin bags on the steps of town halls!

  4. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Tonk said: "In my opinion, we are consumers and have little choice how much rubbish we have to get rid off due to the fact that much of our food etc is over packaged, incidently, much of this packaging is due to 'Elf'n'Safety diktats in relation to food hygine."

    That's the real problem, so, if the b******s cannot get us one way, they will another!

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  6. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Should the "Bin Tax" be introduced will Council Tax see a proportionate reduction?

    Does anybody know what Council Tax actually pays for as we don't seem to get much in services, and many councils are closing leisure centres, libraries together with other facilities like there's no tomorrow.

    Oh - silly me, of course we know what Council Tax is for: to afford council officers £100k+ salaries with matching final salary pensions, perks and jollies.