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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nanny Bans Meat

Nanny Bans Meat
I see that Nanny is trying to reduce the use of meat in hospital menus, with a view to cutting methane emissions from cows, thus saving the world from global warming.

Here are a few points as to why this is bollocks:

1 Global warming, if it really is happening, is a natural event which mankind has littler influence over.

2 Even if all the cows in Britain were to be executed (think of the hue and cry from the animal lovers were that to happen!) the methane production from cows in the world would continue to rise, as wealthy consumers in Asia Pacific develop a taste for meat.

3 What happens to the UK meat farmers that Nanny puts out of business by cutting back on demand for their products?

4 The easier way to reduce methane and hot air emissions is to cut back on the human population (eg MPs).

5 Seriously how much difference will a few extra veggie lasagnes make to the world wide production of methane by cows?

All in all, given the recession and other issues facing Nanny, I would say that this is an absurd waste of time and money.


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  1. IvanTheHorrible10:43 AM

    This is just another ploy to deny the British people of another thing they love.

    Fighting Global Warming? What a load of bollocks!


  2. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:45 AM

    But don't we need cows for milk and cheese?? I'd think the amount of methane produced from mammalian arses pales into significance when compared with that from marshes and wetlands. Nanny's got her science wrong.........again!!

  3. Let's see. Scientists reckon that the UK contributes about 0.2% of the total of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions. Most of these come from vehicles, power generation and the like. Cutting out meat from hospital menus is going to reduce that by how much ? You could slaughter every single cow, sheep and pig in the UK and it would probably cut emissions by about 0.001% of that 0.2%.

    Anyhow, if you are going to be feeding hospital patients all those vegetables, surely that will increase emissions as all they are going to be doing is lying around in bed farting copiously. What happens when the bright sparks suddenly realise this ? Will we have a sudden outbreak of euthanasia as they attempt to cull the environmentally damaging patients ?

    If they want to do something about emissions, how about banning all the junkets our glorious leaders and their minions seem to enjoy ? Surely the environmental impact will be greater than serving up a few carrots in A&E ?

  4. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Whats worse is a sudden and dramatic change, such as this, in your diet causes diarrhea. Just what our hospitals need.

  5. Lord of Atlantis11:52 AM

    "If they want to do something about emissions, how about banning all the junkets our glorious leaders and their minions seem to enjoy ? Surely the environmental impact will be greater than serving up a few carrots in A&E ?"

    Oh,no, Kaptain Von. 'They' want us alone to make sacrifices to fight global warming. They have NO intention whatever of making any compromises or changes to their lavish lifestyles (paid for by taxpayers).

  6. Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing.

    Part of that healing process is to ensure that patients get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins, many of which are only found in meats.

    I feel so sorry for these poor misguided 'Green' souls, but I am sure the government will have enough secure mental places ready for them when their evil work is done.

  7. Nanny needs to be honest for once!!
    This is about cost saving; It is far cheaper to fill a plate with veg than it is to fill it with meat.

    Every independent thinker knows that the new religion of climate change is a con. Google "climate change argument against" and you will receive scientific information that has not been paid for by Nanny where the "results being in favour of Nanny's argument" is related to whether one receives payment or not.

    I always ask two questions of the Green Facists;-
    1) When was our climate fixed?
    2) Why are the polar regions on Mars melting at the same rate as our own if it is man made....Are there many 4x4s on Mars or not enough low energy light bulbs?

    I have had no answer to these questions other than look around you.....I am proud to be a Climate Change Denier!!

    I am in favour however of sensible green policies such as re-cycling(While there's a market for it) as it makes sense to conserve limited resourses, however, I do not support the regime that is basically a tax raising exercise.

    The only way to save the world is to cut down the population.
    If man is 65/70% water and someone weighs 100kg then there is 65 litres of water trapped in that body.....If the population increases by a few million, imagine how much water is tied up, not to mention the amount of water required to produce the crops they will feed off.....No wonder many parts of the world are short of water.

  8. Tonk said... "The only way to save the world is to cut down the population."

    Aaaargh! Heresy! Treason! Blasphemy! You can't surely seek to to deny the masses their god/government/nature-given "right" to sing the glorious breeding song around the bonky-bonky camp fire and populate the planet until we're knee-deep in knee-high human cublings?

    Good grief man (or woman), think of the guilt! Who - as they always say - will pay your pension/wipe your bottom in old age? Oh god, will nobody think of the children! The children! Oh, the children!

    NB - utterly agree with you Tonk but it's a policy one is not allowed to voice these days.

    Families of dozens wobble their little eco light bulb (singular, usually) at us and want their "We've done our bit for the planet" card stamped. They've never even wondered what happens when you keep doubling something, let alone "dozening" it...

    Not breeding until we have some space to expand into is the sole behaviour that will keep this planet comfortable.

    Steps off soap-box and shuffles off stage left, to where a bonfire is being built for me ...

    p.s., IANPJ - I haven't eaten meat for over thirty years but I do seem to be managing quite well without those vitamins you mention that are only found in meat. Perhaps my body has learned how to synthesize gristle, eyelids and connective tissue? ;-)

  9. Speenzman5:42 PM

    "shuffles off stage left, to where a bonfire is being built"

    What! With 'Elf & Safety around?! Anyway you know Nanny's views on bonfires (only good for burning books, damning documents and research that doesn't fit her viewpoint!)

    And as for this meat business, has the government REALLY got nothing better to do at the moment than this pointless bit of stupidity. Methane my arse (pardon the pun), this is blatantly about cost cutting.

    These pesky bills are mounting up, and we are spending lots and lots of taxpayers money on silly things like my overinflated salary, now how can we save?
    How about stopping meat. That will save money, and we can use an 'it is good for you and the environment' excuse like we always do. Also, the patients have no choice, because they are a captive audience. Oh, I nearly forgot, you will be alright great and mighty one, because you are in BUPA.
    Darn good idea. Take an instant promotion and hefty pay rise.
    Thank you very much, that will help pay off my student loan for my degree in "Star Trek and it's effect on tourism", just one thing, how can we pay for it?
    Think of something...

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