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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Food Police

The Food PoliceComing soon to a neighbourhood near you -

Nanny's Food Police!

Nanny is worried that we don't know how to purchase, prepare, cook, serve or eat our food. Therefore she is setting up a trial door to door campaign (funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme - WRAP - a Government agency charged with reducing household waste), where householders will be told what size portions to prepare, taught to understand "best before" dates and urged to make more use of their freezers.

Whilst I concur that wasting food is a disgrace, why does Nanny think that she will be able to educate me better in the concepts of waste and using leftovers more than my parents did?

I would note that the Food Police who will be advising the public have had only one day's training, but will receive up to £8.49 an hour, with a bonus for working on Saturdays.

The pilot scheme will cost £30K, and would require 8,000 Food Police were it to be extended to the entire UK.

The pilot will cover six council areas in Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

How did the human race survive, and indeed flourish over the last 150,000 years, before Nanny came along?

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  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    So they are just going to show up at your door and check your labels and tupperware?? They'll be quitting that job quickly...for something like telemarketing.

  2. FesterinDun5:10 PM

    New Labour are creating 8000 non-jobs here, because its an extra 8000 voters for them at the general election.

    Turkeys don't vote for Xmas do they?

  3. Anonymous10:47 PM

    We are witnessing a collapse here you cannot "CANNOT" run a society on a public sector economy,
    Staffed by "dummies".

    references ;The fall of the Soviet Union blah! blah! blah!

  4. Anonymous23:23 PM

    If they come to my door, I shall say just two words to them, the second of which will be 'OFF'!