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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Paying Dead Terrorists

Paying Dead Terrorists
Ermmm...can someone explain to me why Nanny wants to pay the families of dead Irish terrorists £12K each?

Does this mean that we will also be paying the families of other dead terrorists (eg suicide bombers, who went to "heaven" to find 70 raisins - yes folks the translation of "virgins" in fact is an error, and the terrorists will find themselves spending eternity with 70 raisins)?

(FYI, and off topic, there is no heaven, hell or God...merely blissful oblivion).

Surely, if you intend to commit a terrorist act and you end up blowing yourself up that is your responsibility?

Why should my taxes be used to pay blood money to your family?

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  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Another crazy sceme from a government that thinks it has more money than we know it has sense.

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Pah! It's only taxpayers money. There is a lot more of that, where this came from.

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Hmm, so the families of dead terrorists (criminals) are getting paid money (for what?), riiight. I'm also reminded of the story we had on here some time ago about the chap (criminal) throwing things from a roof who was bought a takeaway and various other nice foodstuffs by the police in the interests of 'Elf and Safety. Now you may have noticed the word criminal crop up in brackets in my last couple of sentences, well here's why. I've never had any dealings with the police, have a degree and two Master's degrees and am very keen to work. However, because of the wonderful economic situation this government has got us into no one is employing people to fill vacant jobs (quite the opposite, one place I really want to work at recently shut down an entire department resulting in 70 job losses) and I am unable to find a decent job in any of my sphere's of knowledge. This means I am HAVING to rely on benefits, which I might add are less than £12,000 a year (luckily I have a loving family to help but they're hardly affluent, particularly in the current financial climate). Maybe if I could persuade one of my family to become a terrorist... Or maybe when I fancy I nice takeaway that I can so rarely afford I could go up on my roof... Either way this wanting to work rather than take drugs, make bombs, chuck things from my roof, smash up bus stops and cut public phone cables isn't doing much for me!

  4. I'm not a full-blown terrorist as such but I was awarded a seriously heinous parking ticket once - how much do I get?

  5. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Come on Ken, where else are the families of dead terrorists going to get money to support them.

    I mean, the kids blow up so fast these days . . . . .

  6. Anonymous2:04 PM

    "Raisins"? We must be content with imagining what a team of satirists would do with this 'error of translation' - perhaps Al Qaeda having the pants sued off them for misselling!


  7. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Or “What kind of nut would want to spend eternity with 70 raisins?”

  8. Anonymous12:12 PM

    If Gordon Brown has this kind of money available, in the middle of a recession for which he and his government must take a large part of the blame, it should be used to create proper jobs, or given to the families of the victims of terrorism, not given to the families of terrorists, of whatever political or religious persuasion.

  9. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Another example of the sleaze and corruption we have come to associate with nuLabour, as Brown probably figures that by bribing them in this manner, he will probably get their votes come the next election.

  10. .. Such is the Nanny State in Canada, too. A Canadian "suspected" terrorist, who was deported from the USA to Syria and was "reportedly" tortured there, was paid $10.5 million CAD (approx £6.1 million GBP) by the Canadian Nanny for his "ordeal".
    .. And this fellow was recently ID'ed by another "suspected" Canadian terrorist held in Guantanamo Bay as 'being seen in al-Qaida safehouses'. But, the Nanny State here still pony's up the cash.
    .. Pay up, boys! T'is the way of the world, now!!