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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Nation of Snoopers - Home Schooling

A Nation of Snoopers
What a surprise, not content with claiming that "invisible" foster parents may be abusing children, Nanny has decreed that parents who home school their children may be using it as a cover for abusing them.

Children's Minister, Baroness Delyth Morgan, wants to review home education. The review will consider how local authorities can "ensure the education and well-being of children who are being taught outside school".

Baroness Morgan said, patronisingly:

"Parents are able, quite rightly, to choose whether they want to educate children at home, and a very small number do. I'm sure, the vast majority do a good job.

However, there are concerns that some children are not receiving the education they need. And in some extreme cases, home education could be used as a cover for abuse.

This review will look at whether the right systems are in place that allow local authorities and other agencies to ensure that any concerns about the safety, welfare or education of home educated children are addressed quickly and effectively


Some of Nanny's schools aren't exactly bastions of educashunal excellence!

As you can see, Nanny hates it when she doesn't have a direct input into the upbringing of children; she immediately cries "abuse" at anyone who seeks to distance their family from the state.

The review will be yet another poorly disguised excuse for Nanny, and her lackeys in the local councils, to come poking their noses into people's homes and lives.

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  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    "However, there are concerns that some children are not receiving the education they need."

    Yup, but those concerns are overwhelmingly about children in state run schools.

  2. Ken, if my children were of school age now, I would be educating them at home myself.

    Children are NOT only receiving a substandard education but they are positively in danger in state schools.

    Perhaps Labour fear that a small group of independent thinkers may emerge from home schooling? After all, it's impossible to indoctrinate them with socialist values if left to parents to educate!

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM

    If I can't afford private school fees, I'll be home-schooling my kids.

    If the state want to come in and see how they are doing, they will need to send in an armed response team in front of them.

    Not all of them will get past the front door.

  4. My wife and I both go without a few luxuries to ensure that our daughter can attend a private school as the state schools in our area are some of the worst performing in our LEA which is not exactly a scintillating star performer in the whole country. If we could not afford to do so then we would home educate her. At least she would then be in an environment where she could actually learn something rather than have her head filled with the dumbed down rubbish that passes for a national curriculum and where she would be safe from the lowlife scum that our glorious leaders have insisted that the local schools take to make them 'inclusive'.

    If that was the case then as 'Anonymous' has already said, if Nanny wants to poke her nose in and see how my daughter is doing then she had better send an armed response team.

  5. Lord of Atlantis4:19 PM

    If I had any children, I too would teach them at home, as I cannot afford the fees charged by independent schools. However, bearing in mind that I am educated to degree level, back in the 1980s before such qualifications were downgraded by politicians, I feel quite qualified to teach any children if I had them. I certainly would NOT welcome any interference from government or local authority jobsworths! And I'll wager that Baroness Delyth Morgan did not send her children, if she has any, to her local state school! This proposal sounds to me like another manifestation of the old argument beloved of nuLabour that 'all men are potential paedophiles!'

  6. Speenzman6:03 PM

    "This review will look at whether the right systems are in place that allow local authorities and other agencies to ensure that any concerns about the safety, welfare or education of home educated children are addressed quickly and effectively."

    And how much is this review going to cost us Nanny?

    I've got an idea, maybe if Nanny got the social services to employ people with a genuine desire to protect the lives and rights of children rather than tin-pot busybodies looking for power and carte blange to stick their noses into our lives in any way they see fit but are in fact totally incompetent (Victoria Climbie anyone?) that would go someway to help.

    And if they changed the definition of abuse back to rape, murder, sexual assault and grievious bodily harm etc. rather than 'placing an orphan with someone over 10 stone even though they would be in a loving family' that would be a good way to prevent the mental abuse they endure being in state care.

    And if they changed the definition of abuse to include 'being taught f**k all in a sh*tty state school and turning out nanny-dependent dribbling morons who have been put off thinking and learning ever again by a curriculum of sheer inanity' and ensured systems were in place to prevent that, that would be good.

    And another good review to conduct would be looking at the effects on society as a result of being whipped up into a climate of fear by media and Nanny assertions that 99% of men are undetected paedophiles and there's one living on every corner, that would help ensure the welfare of children.

    State school? Having been through a state middle school between 1995-1998 I think I'd rather take being abused and buggered at home rather than go back to one of them.

    Sorry, I am quite pissed off today! Rant over!

  7. Tonk.7:04 PM

    It is interesting as there has been a rise in home schooling in America as different states have introduced PC requirements in the state (Public) school's curriculums. Many relate to "promotion" of homosexual relationships and sex.....I wonder if the rise in home schooling in the UK, is a result of similar policies in our country or the fact that our state school system and quality is just so bad.

  8. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Nanny's naivete is truly astonishing: does she not realise that there's ample time after the school day for people to abuse their children without resorting to the elaborate subterfuge of home-schooling?


  9. Nanny is apparently dedicated to keeping children safe "wherever they are educated" - which is why some UK kids wear stab vests to school, and don't forget the 165,000+ bullied every day in school. I took my kids out of school because they weren't safe there, and they certainly weren't receiving what *I* deemed to be a suitable education.

  10. I like the Tory poster Ken, however it is so sad that may of our beloved snooping councils are Conservative.

    British politics is in the gutter. Orwell was right when he wrote 1984. I wonder whether it will take a revolution to throw our beloved leaders out

  11. Anonymous9:28 AM

    When DCSF gave the NSPCC 30 million pounds to run helplines for 4 yrs so people could report 'concern's' about neighbour's etc they no doubt asked for feedback.
    Unfortunately if NSPCC receive a large proportion of calls about home ed families (quite common due to public ignorance of the legality of home ed) which after being passed by them to SS for investigation prove to be unfounded those calls will remain on NSPCC files as privacy laws mean they do not get told the result of referrals.
    If this assumption of mine is correct then when the NSPCC give DCSF 'evidence' of their effective running of these lines......
    This is of course assumption on my part but as DCSF are unable to tell us what evidence they are basing this fear of widespread abuse on, all we can do is assume.

  12. Not normally given to civil disobedience, home educators are so incensed at this latest base attack on our integrity that many of us, like some of the previous commentators here are contemplating just that. We educate at home so that our children can get on with learning and not be constantly poked, prodded, measured and assessed for the benefit of someone's performance related pay. We want them to grow into self-responsible, self-determining people, not be shackled by government imposed outcome, especially something as crass as these
    Anyway, we have set up a facebook group for home educators and supporters. Please come and give us your support and read about how Nanny's entire case against us is based on the speculations of one man

  13. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Here is a petition on this very subject that might get up Nanny's nose: