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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nanny Bans Parents - Again

Modern Parents
You know how yesterday I said that parents should be responsible for the safety of their kids (eg when using paddling pools) and not the state?

Well, what a silly billy I am, I should have known that Nanny had a better idea.

Nanny has decreed that parents are not qualified to look after their kids, as Phillip Smith and sons Jake, aged five, and Aiden, three, found to their cost when Phillip was banned from using Hillsborough Leisure Centre in Sheffield.

For why?

Health and Safety my dear old muckers!

Seeming Nanny's chums at the centre insist that under-eights must be accompanied on a one-to-one basis by adults.

Ironically Mr Smith is a fireman and therefore, one would assume, reasonably adept at handling emergencies and doing first aid.

Surely the responsibility for the safety of the child should rest foremost with the parent, not the state?

Am I so really out of touch and old fashioned (at the tender age of 46), with how things should be, to believe that this?

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  1. Grant8:43 PM


    .... that this? ..... ?

    Recently I happened to stop off at my local Co-op store accompanied by my daughter. A rare event. We both shop there frequently but rarely together.

    She is 22 but could be mistaken for younger - especially in these days of secret shoppers trying entrap under till operators into selling 'illegal' products like booze and ciggies.

    I was carrying the basket and paying but my daughter was asked for ID. (I keep offering my ID but for some reason no one there ever wants to see it. Disappointing.)

    Nannies of all forms really do need some forceful 're-educating' about the difference between what is useful and sensible on the one hand and what is measurable on the other.

    If Nanny really does believe that parents are always certifiably irresponsible she should propose the concept of teenage sterilization (rather than contraception) and offer it up for a public vote at a general election.



  2. Why doesn't Nanny simply remove all babies from their parents six weeks after birth and raise them in communal state creches?

    Didn't Plato suggest something of the sort?

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I think King Herod's solution was more effective. No children = no offences against children.