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Monday, August 13, 2012

UKBA In The Doghouse

The reputation of Nanny's UK Border Agency has taken a heavy pounding of late (ironically its past CEO, Lin Homer, was promoted to running HMRC), as such it is keen to improve its standing.

Therefore in the spirit of keeping our country safe from felons and evil doers, the UKBA has banned Dog The Bounty Hunter from coming to the UK this week to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. Admittedly, they have probably done him a favour given that those who appear on the show are humiliated and subjected to mental torture. However, their rationale (he was involved in a murder 33 years ago) seems a tad off beam given that others with criminal convictions are allowed into the UK.

The Guardian notes:
"The refusal letter from the UK Border Agency says: "Records show that you were convicted of one offence which carried a sentence of five years. According to those records, that conviction is not spent." It also says the purpose of his visit is not "of a sufficiently compelling nature" to exercise discretionary powers to let him in.

Other US stars have been allowed into the UK despite convictions, including the boxer Mike Tyson, who was granted entry in 2000 at the discretion of then-home secretary Jack Straw, despite his conviction for rape."
Still I dare say that we all feel a lot safer knowing that the UKBA are clearly on the ball!

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1 comment:

  1. I have just seen this. I am a fan of "Dog the Bounty Hunter". Wayne 'dog' Chapman is a larger than life character. Whenever he and his family arreat a bail dodger, on the way to prison, he always gives them a moral chat to try and help them to turn their lives around. He often mentions the fact that he has done time himself. The irony is that it was his time spent in a penitentiary which made him decide to never ebd up there again.