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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Booze Matters - Graphic Images

Oh dear Nanny really doesn't like leaving the issue of our drinking habits alone, even though it is nothing to do with her.

Professor Mark Bellis, spokesman for the UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH), recently got very excited about the possibility of using the same sort of "shock" images that are on fag packets (eg cancerous lungs etc) on bottles of beer, wine and spirits (eg a liver after years of alcohol abuse - foie gras anyone?).

Factoid: as per my book "Accountants Can Cook":
"When I do finally “pop my clogs” I would like to be made into a pate which would be served at my wake. That way my friends will be able to relive the culinary experiences of my life."
Anyhoo, back to the topic in hand seemingly such images will stop people from drinking "excessively".


We are fed a daily diet of graphic images on the daily news bulletins and in films and dramas, all that seems to happen is that we become sensitised to them and the images have to be made ever more graphic in order to prompt a reaction.

There is of course a contradiction within this proposal (no surprises there then!). Namely that Nanny abhors fags and wishes us to stop smoking them completely, whereas she "graciously allows" us to drink three to four units of booze every hour (or is it day?).

Still, Nanny never worries about contradictions; rest assured that, if she could, she would ban booze and fags altogether!

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  1. Well, more and more "scientific opinion" is coming round to the view that there is "no safe level of alcohol".

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    A photo of a fucked up liver would probably look a bit like a shammy leather after you have washed the car with it a few times. Not too appetizing, but not particularly shocking when taken out of context.
    Far better would be to put photographs of well-known piss heads on bottles of booze.

    A good start would be pictures of Cameron and Boris Johnson on beer bottles; who were both members of the Oxford University’s Bullingdon Boozing Club of 1987.
    Notorious drunk Welsh Assembly member Mick Bates could have his face emblazoned on bottles of vodka, a session of 14 pints of beer could be renamed as a ‘Hague’ with a photo of William on the barrel itself.
    For the face of cheap and strong cider there can be no better candidate than Eric Joyce, notorious for his punch up in the House of Commons bar.

  3. "...if she could,[nanny]would ban booze and fags altogether! "

    Why can't she? - Kerr-Ching!

  4. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Were nanny so stupid to try, how many would home brew? A few bloggers are even growing their own tobacco, nanny cannot win!!

  5. That corner shopkeeper needs arresting and re-educating since his window sign should read "...illegal to sell tobacco products...under *18* years of age".

    Far more effective than 'shocking' images of drink related disaster will be the policy of removing drink and baccy from normal TV. I recently captured several ageing TV dramas (Cracker, Morse, Minder etc.) and was pleasantly reminded of the casual depiction of serial smoking and drinking by the protagonists that is now completly absent (bar the Bad Guy with the English accent in Ameican movies).

  6. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I look forward to the graphic images of MPs and Nanny's guardians being beaten to a pulp because of their inane, unwanted interference in my life

  7. When will Nanny realise that trying to ban something, or make out that it's dangerous, is GUARANTEED to increase its use. This has been known for decades...