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Friday, August 17, 2012

UKBA - Protecting Our Borders!

On Monday I wrote that Nanny's ever "efficient" and "respected" Borders Agency "in the spirit of keeping our country safe from felons and evil doers, has banned Dog The Bounty Hunter from coming to the UK this week to appear on Celebrity Big Brother."

I went on to conclude:
"I dare say that we all feel a lot safer knowing that the UKBA are clearly on the ball!"
Well then, imagine my "shock" and "surprise" when I read that the UKBA had managed to let a violent crossbow wielding stalker into the UK despite being warned before he arrived that he was dangerous.

The Argus reports that the UKBA has now apologised to the family of Dr Alison Hewitt, who was subjected to a four-month stalking campaign by her jilted lover, Al Amin Dhalla.

Dr Hewitt’s mother, Pamela Hewitt, had written to the agency in November 2010 warning them about Dhalla.

The letter warned the UKBA that he had an extensive criminal record for violence, was banned from the US, used three aliases and had previously entered the UK illegally.

Despite giving the agency his passport number and flight details of when and where he would return to Britain, Dhalla was able to walk through immigration unhindered and begin a terror campaign against the family.

For why did the UKBA allow this man into the country? seems he failed to declare his previous convictions when applying for a visa.


Tip for Assange: don't tell anyone who you are when you try to leave the country!

Dhalla was arrested at Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath, where Dr Hewitt worked. Police found a loaded crossbow, a large knife and a fuel-soaked envelope addressed to Mrs Hewitt in his car.

Way to go UKBA!

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  1. By targeting a high profile case, they will get publicity, so people think they're actually doing something. When dealing with small, non famous people, there is no headline and thus, little notice taken; in my opinion.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    With tens of millions of people passing through our borders every year the Border Agency are always going to be criticised for something or the other.

    For decades successive governments have refused to acknowledge the reason why so many people want to enter the UK; and now anyone that even hints that it may be to scrounge is labelled a racist.

    But with benefits, housing, education and healthcare freely available, and an enforced acceptance from the British public, does anyone actually think that the world’s waifs and strays come here for the weather and job prospects?

    I think that a different approach is needed. Ease border controls and allow anyone that wants to enter the UK to come in; but once in give them absolutely nothing. Do not allow them to work and place huge fines on anyone employing them.

    Other countries employ this system. Yesterday’s blog was about Ecuador.
    Ecuadorian immigrants are freely allowed into Spain and there are many of them. The Spanish authorities and general public couldn’t care less. There are no benefits for them and they can only work illegally, with massive fines for employers if they are caught. They stay for 2 years before legally claiming EU citizenship and then they are on the first planes and ferries to the UK. I wonder why?

    Dog the Bounty Hunter would have easily been dissuaded from entering the UK if he would not have been able to work and get paid for the (alleged) entertainment show Celebrity Big Brother.