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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nanny Wants Kung Fu Fighting - UPDATED

You know when things are really bad, and are falling apart, when Nanny suggests that her own citizens be trained in the "genteel" art of street fighting in order to deal with anti social behaviour etc.

Funny that, I thought that's why we pay taxes for a police force?

Evidently I was wrong, and that it is now our responsibility to deal with "low level" crime.

Anyhoo, according to the Telegraph, Ben Rogers (a former Blair adviser), now a visiting fellow at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, wants people to learn how to restrain offenders, self-defence and how to defuse tense situations.

In  his view, ruling aside the dangers of vigilante gangs, we should show “civic pride”.

Rogers is of the view that the cuts in police budgets means that real police and plastic police are no longer up to the job of protecting us, and that we have to do it ourselves.

Rogers is not alone in wanting people to take the law into their own hands, Nanny's ministers have also said that householders and shopkeepers should be able to use “reasonable force” to tackle burglars.

All very well, maybe, but if the police are so short of staff who exactly is going to train Nanny's citizen army?

Also, given the fact we live in the Nanny state, what about the health and safety implications, insurance issues and risk of being sued?

It is a potty idea that is dangerous, and destined to cause an awful lot of problems if it ever came into being!


This is what happens when Nanny's citizens take the law into their own hands:
"Overnight, a group entered a lock-up without permission in New Addington in Croydon, south London, where Tia disappeared. 
It led to a confrontation between the garage owner and those keen to find her, including a man who was armed, according to the Croydon Advertiser"
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  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Ben Rogers sounds like a cunt to me.

    It takes years of professional training to adequately protect yourself, and even then if you do not have the right mental attitude those years of training can be futile.

    Does this prick think that the average person will learn how to defend themselves and protect their property AND develop the mental strength to do so with a couple of half hour sessions at their local leisure centre?

  2. Lord of atlantis11:32 AM

    The first thing that will happen, if a decent citizen takes this advice, assuming he/she is not murdered by some low life, is that the police, no matter how short staffed they are, will turn up in force, arrest and throw the book at him/her, whilst the real criminal(s) gets away with a caution or less. Then, when the case comes before the courts, the decent person will be punished severely, almost certainly with a custodial sentence.

  3. "defuse tense situations"

    What, such as finding myself being ordered to hand over personal details by one of the increasingly common security guards who have limited police powers? What if I refuse to believe such people have any legal authority, (let's face it - how many members of the public do?) and try and ignore them? I will then find myself breaking the law for failing to comply!

    I suppose I could endeavour to make a citizens arrest for "Impersonating a police officer", which could prove interesting...

    WTF has this country become?