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Monday, August 06, 2012

Save Our Balls

My goodness, Nanny Knows Best is having a veritable glut of foreign Nanny stories; thus demonstrating that Nanny is not a uniquely British phenomenon.

Thus my gimlet eye fell upon the recent activities of USA Nanny and her attempts to ban Buckyballs.

What, I hear you ask, are Buckyballs?

They are an executive toy in the form of magnetic balls.

Aside from distracting the busy executive from earning his bonus, one would have thought that they are harmless enough.

Not according to USA Nanny in the guise of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which decreed that the balls constitute a health and safety hazard to kids and as such has sued to stop Maxfield and Oberton (the company that distributes Buckyballs) from selling them. In fact the CPSC is targeting all companies that make or distribute Buckyballs and all other similar products.

One such company, Zen Magnets, is refusing to kowtow to Nanny and notes that it has never marketed its product to children or heard of any injuries tied to its magnets. It has launched a petition.

Meanwhile Maxfield and Oberton have set up a "Save Our Balls" website and video.

Needless to say, thanks to Nanny's attempts to ban the product sales have risen.

Craig Zucker, the company’s co-founder is quoted by the Washington Post:
"We do not understand why our products, marketed exclusively for adults and with so few injuries, have suddenly been raised to the very top of the CPSC’s action list.
The bottom line is that anything can be a hazard if it is misused. Children love to swallow things, it is up to the adults around them to keep adult toys out of the reach of the kids rather than ban an adult toy because it might be misused by a child.

Just remember to handle your balls correctly!

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