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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nanny Declares War on Eggs Again!

Loyal readers with eidetic memories may recall that, in February 2009, I wrote the following about eggs:
"It seems that Nanny's anti egg campaigns of the past, in which she warned us of the alleged dangers of the cholesterol content of eggs, were a load of bollocks.

A paper prepared by the British Nutrition Foundation states that the cholesterol in eggs has only a small, and clinically insignificant, effect on blood cholesterol."
One would have thought that this would have finally laid to rest Nanny's misguided obsession about eggs being bad for us!

Sadly "one" would be wrong.

Nanny is an obsessive creature and, if facts stand in her way, she simply finds a way to manufacture "facts" to suit her obsession.

Step forward Dr David Spence Professor of Neurology and Clinical Pharmacology at Robarts Research Institute University of Western Ontario, he is also affiliated with the London Health Sciences Centre’s University Hospital (where he has set up and runs stroke prevention clinics).

According to the Huffington Post Dr Spence claims that the cholesterol found in egg yolks is almost as dangerous as smoking.

Dr. David Spence goes on to say that:

"It's more than the cholesterol in a Hardee's monster thick burger which is two-thirds of a pound of beef, three slices of cheese and four slices of bacon.
I have never consumed a Hardee's Monster Thick Burger (I am sure they are excellent), but I find that claim to be a tad high on the "Bollocks Scale of Exaggeration".

He then went to to accuse the eggs industry of being like the tobacco industry.

Of course, in order to really damage an industry Nanny just loves to mention smoking!

In view of the research that I reported on in 2009, and the fact that humans have been happily eating eggs for millennia I am inclined to think that eggs are fine.

However, if you need further reassurance I refer you to the "infamous" paper that Dr Spence produced in 2005 on the effectiveness of homeopathy.

According to DC's Improbable Science:
"Dr Spence’s paper was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. It is not really research at all. They simply asked 6544 patients who had had homeopathic treatment whether they felt better or not. Half the patients (50.7%) said they were ‘better’ to ‘much better’. A further 20% said they were ‘slightly better’. 

The patients who had homeopathic treatment were not compared with anything whatsoever!

This is reported in a straightforward way. What is quite ludicrous is the stated conclusion of the paper:
“The study results show that homeopathic treatment is a valuable intervention”.
It is obvious that there is not the slightest reason to attribute the answers given by patients to the fact that they had been given homeopathic treatment. That would be the crudest form of post hoc ergo propter hoc error. It does not even show that the homeopathic treatment was producing a placebo effect.

Papers like this do not add to human knowledge, they detract from it. By reverting to pre-enlightment forms of argument, they mislead rather than enlighten. To make matters worse, this work was done at public expense, by the Directorate of Homeopathic Medicine, United Bristol Healthcare, National Health Service Trust, Bristol, United Kingdom."
As said, eggs are perfectly safe; ignore the nonsense spouted by those with unhealthy obsessions!

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  1. What a wally!

    I've had a brain wave!....Let's start selling eggs in plain packaging and under the counter, if they're as bad as fags:-)

    Actuall, I fancy some lightly scrambled eggs on toast for my lunch....Three should do nicely.

  2. Apparently he produced another anti egg paper a while back and his house got egged.

    1. Bucko do you have a link to that? Thanks

    2. Just to the article I read it in Ken -

      Last paragraph

    3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells2:30 PM

      I had a stroke last November, despite my cholesterol level being 4.4 which is well within the "safe" zone. So no, I won't be taking Dr. Spence' advice and giving up eggs. Perhaps Dr. Spence should restrict his research to what we pay him to do: to find out the real causes of strokes.