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Friday, August 10, 2012

The True Cost of Plain Fag Packets

In April I wrote about Nanny's consultation on plain packaging for fag packets.

Well folks that consultation ran for longer than originally planned, because Nanny was deluged with people's opinions (doubtless many of which were "managed" by the various factions in the smoking debate).

Anyhoo, today the consultation closes.

In the event that Nanny goes ahead with her plans, she has been given a very blunt warning about the financial consequences for the hapless taxpayer. For you see ladies and gentlemen, were Nanny to ban companies from printing their logos/brands etc it would be an infringement of their rights to use logos etc that they have spent billions on developing over the years.

Philip Morris said that the plans violated national and international law, and could leave the taxpayer facing a massive bill for compensation.

In its submission to the consultation the firm cited a legal opinion by Lord Hoffmann QC that removal of the distinctive brand marks would amount to the "expropriation" of the industry's intellectual property rights.

It pointed out that the big four tobacco companies had already mounted a legal challenge to similar proposals in Australia - the only country so far to announce that it intends to go ahead with plain packaging - and suggested the compensation payout in such a case in the UK would run to "billions of pounds".

Good luck with that then Nanny!

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  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    The UK faces an entirely different situation than Australia if they decide to use plain packaging for cigarettes.

    Australia is quite isolated as a continent.

    Either legally or otherwise there are millions of packets of fags brought into the UK each day from continental Europe where they are cheaper. As all of these cigarettes will be in normal packaging, the alleged benefit of only selling plain packets in the UK will be nullified.

    A complete waste of time and money.

  2. Yes but won't somebody please think of the children?

    The children being everyone over the age of 18 who ignores the health mafias missives to stop smoking and take up patching instead.

    Meanwhile in the land of the free a man called Bloomberg stops a free vibrator giveaway because.... the company didn't have a permit.
    Not sure why that is relevant but Bloomberg is a health mafia darling...

  3. No government actually wants people to stop smoking. If they did, they certainly wouldn't be relying on cigarette taxes to fund various programs that couldn't exist without the tax revenue.

  4. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Just another 'illegal' position by this government

    The abuse of disabled people is similarly 'illegal' under ECHR but this government seems to enjoy revelling in its nazi behaviour

  5. "Nanny's worst nightmare" - the day that 'plain packs & hide away' becomes LAW.

    That the leaders of all UK tobacco makers announce they are 'going out of business' and that there will be NO MORE Tobacco Duty for the state coffers.

  6. Anonymous2:12 PM

    It was both funny and scary watching various Lords in the HoL the other day debating the remergence of introducing a law to stop people smoking in their cars. Thinking entirely of the children, they went on about how a car on the road is not a 'private space' anymore thereby making smoking in a car a public matter of concern.

    Various figures were bandied about concerning how smoking in a car (although they didn't mention what speed) with the air conditioning on was the equivalent to 2 and one half times someone being in a crowded bar!! it went on and on until I felt like throwing a burning cigarette at the telly.

    These people are fascists