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Monday, March 18, 2013

Euro Nanny Has Abolished Private Property

As the Cyprus clusterfuck gather pace (keep up to speed on it by checking out my Loans and Finance site) it seems that in a twinkling of an eye Euro Nanny has abolished private property.

As per Zero Hedge:
"Deposit Insurance at a bank, any bank in Europe, is now meaningless. A bond indenture, any clause, any paragraph, any promise or assurance; now meaningless. The notion of private property, land, cash, house; now meaningless. The European Union will take what they want as they deem it necessary and the IMF will follow along. The question has been asked, during the last few days, why the bond holders of Cyprus were not tagged along with the bank deposits. I can answer the question. Virtually all of the Cyprus sovereign debt is governed under British law and so the EU did not pursue this course.

I recall the movie, Casablanca, where the Germans stood up to sing their National Anthem and the French responded with the "Marseilles." It is too bad that the French have forgotten how to sing this song but then, apparently, all of the nations in the EU have forgotten how to sing their own songs.

Greece came first. Lesson one and "shame on you." Cyprus comes second and now "shame on me." What will come next? What will you tell your partners or your shareholders when they say, "You should have known." You will have no excuse! The Europeans will take what they want and when they want it and to have money invested there now only has one excuse; masochism. Neither you nor I have any idea of what they might do next. When a government changes an indenture retroactively as a condition of funding and then demands that private property be seized as a condition of funding then this government, the European Union, will stop at nothing, find no boundary or fence, to halt its ambitions.

When Lesson three comes, and it will, I will not be kind. I will say; "I told you so!""

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  1. Lord of Atlantis7:51 PM

    Anyone who knows me will be well aware that I am no friend of the E.U: indeed, as far as I am concerned the sooner this country gets out of the E.U the better. However, this tax on people's private bank accounts beggars belief. It is, in my opinion, nothing short of theft. If I were to rob a bank, I would, quite rightly, be arrested and sent to prison. I can see little difference between such activity and the course of action Euro Nanny has decided upon, except that most bank robbers wear masks!

  2. "Cyprus' parliament has rejected a controversial levy on bank deposits, proposed as part of an EU-IMF 10bn-euro (£8.7bn; $13bn) bailout package.

    No MPs voted for the bill, with 36 voting against and 19 abstaining. The finance ministry had modified the package, proposing an exemption for savers with smaller deposits, but opposition had remained fierce."