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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fontastic News For Huhne

On the subject of speeding, if only Huhne had been aware of this gemusing debacle by Nanny he might have not had to lie his arse off.

My funny bone was severely tickled by the announcement by the Crown Prosecution Service that speed signs on sections of the M42 had been breaking Nanny's rules about speed signs for the last six years.

It seems that the font was wrong and that the signs (erected - can I say "erected" before the watershed? - by Nanny's Highways Agency) showed mph numbers taller and narrower than they should have been, failing to comply with Nanny's own traffic regulations.

Needless to say lawyers now want any penalties which were handed out over the course of the six years the signs were in place to be quashed, arguing they are not legally enforceable.

Police have stopped using the signs as a means of enforcement and dropped prosecutions it was intending to pursue on the stretches of road affected. However, before they stopped prosecuting speeders (or rather "alleged" speeders) at least 11,000 motorists had already received fines and convictions since the first of the signs went into operation in 2006. 
Funnily enough Nanny's Highways Agency said it was first made aware of concerns about three years ago but believed they did conform to the regulations; ie Nanny ignored the fact that she was breaking Nanny's own rules!
Why would that be?
Ker Farking Ching!
Anyhoo, if anyone is reading this in Huhne's cell block please pass him a copy of this article.
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