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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Joy of Caffeine

As loyal readers know, Nanny has numerous bees in numerous bonnets about food, drink and drugs.

She likes nothing more than to try to ban us from imbibing something that she defines as "dangerous". The reality being that, much like religious zealots, Nanny hates things that give people pleasure.

Like it or not human beings are genetically programmed to seek out things that give pleasure.


At a guess I would say that it is in order to maintain our sanity, and to divert us from realising that 70 years or so of living on a rotating sphere in an ever expanding universe that is 13 billion years old is all that there is.

Anyhoo, that aside, I see that Nanny recently got over excited about another dangerous drug; this one being caffeine.

Step forward Dr Jack James editor in chief of the Journal of Caffeine Research (there's a magazine devoted to caffeine? Good grief don't these people have lives?), who says says that the stimulant is causing ‘untimely deaths’ and that its 'lethality' is being underestimated.

Well I dare say that, like any other drug/food, if you overdose on it you will damage/kill yourself.

However, sensible people who have half a brain in their heads tend not to overdose on caffeine and manage to live their lives into a "happy/healthy" old age, where their only fear is being taken into care by Nanny.

Anyhoo, Dr James believes the risks caffeine poses to our health are so great that products that contain it should be taxed and restricted like cigarettes and alcohol. Sales to children in particular should be restricted.


The fact that it is found in all sorts of things, even cold remedies, is of particularly concern to him.

Well personally speaking I rarely drink coffee (only the occasional Irish coffee), therefore my caffeine intake is restricted to the coke that I mix with my vodka and the occasional cold remedy that I take.

That being said, I fail to see why yet another substance that the vast majority of people use without any ill effects should be treated as an illicit and dangerous threat to our well being.

Rather amusingly he also notes that caffeine is used as a cutting agent in illegal drugs. he wants to tax the legal drug in the illegal drug?

How's that going to work then??

Oh, and of particular amusement is the "research" that shows that caffeine increases the risk of having unprotected sex!

It's extremely simple, eat, drink, smoke, snort whatever you want; but in moderation. Those who overdo things will, by definition, cause harm to themselves; but sensible people know that already!

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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    “Caffeine increases the risk of having unprotected sex”

    What a cunt!

    The question must have been, ‘Have you ever been invited back to someone’s place for a coffee and ended up shagging them?’

    I suppose that next we will be told that looking at etchings increases the risk of unprotected sex too.

  2. About three years ago I saw the doctor because I was getting nasty chest pains and heart flutters. After a couple of weeks of tests and 48 hours wearing a heart monitor, a cardiac surgeon that I had been referred to concluded the problem was coffee.

    I was drinking a lot at the time - at least four cups before I had even left the house for work.

    I was a bit suspicious because my wife was drinking just as much as me and had no ill affects.

    He told me that drugs affect different people in different ways.

    I quit the coffee then brought my levels back up to a few brews at the weekend. The pains went and haven't returned.

    Even if you do drink silly amounts like I did, it doesn't mean it's going to do you any harm as we are all different.

    (The doc also told me that the affects I had were harmless, if a little scary. And he told me that only 15% of smokers develop lung diseases)

  3. Tonk.3:29 PM

    As you say Ken; everything in moderation.

  4. "Happy Easter" - but remember that Chocolate ALSO contains Caffeine.

    *** FACTS - Yet more reasons not to eat salad ***
    * Caffeine is an ALKALOID
    * Other plants that contain this group of TOXIC CHEMICALS include various members of the 'Solanacae' family (Datura, Mandrake, the Nightshades, Tobacco and TOMATOES)
    * Research suggests that - almost every person who has EVER consumed a tomato (even ONE) is now DEAD.