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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Chris Huhne Gets 8 Months

Enough time to write a book!

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  1. Should have been at least 8 YEARS, not that he'll serve more than 4 months anyway. As one of the architects of the obscene Climate Change Act, the bastard deserves life imprisonment in an unheated cell with occasional lighting, which is the sort of future the rest of us are facing...

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    The speed camera laws go against established British justice.

    There is a presumption of guilt until you prove yourself innocent, and you are compelled to inform on a guilty party under threat of imprisonment.

    I don’t blame any person for trying to fight these unfair laws, but Hunhe is a politician who should have higher standards and should not have repeatedly lied in court. His place to fight the law is in Parliament and on behalf of all of us.

    He will probably be free and wearing an electronic tag in 2 months’ time, but in the meantime I hope he gets repeatedly butt fucked every day in prison (no lube).

  3. A politician with "higher standards", now there's a rare thing to behold!

  4. Adrian1:28 PM

    Given the number of the 600+ MPs who have fallen foul of the law in recent years, I was led to wonder what the number would be among a random sample of the same number of ordinary members of the public over the same period of time.

    I suspect the MPs would have a much higher rate of criminality. Now there's a surprise!