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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Your Tax Pounds At Work - Merton Council

Well done Merton council for shedding light, or rather being the unwitting case study, on what people really do all day in council offices. has published the result of a Freedom of Information Request that shows the top 500 most accessed websites by Merton Council.

Included within the list of sites are:

-, which seeks to pair up women with wealthier men, was the 139th most accessed website. came in 91st and came 213rd. Lesbian dating website ranked 207th.

Rather more mundanely, Amazon came in 5th.

However, I will not don my angry trousers and hold Merton council up for special castigation; as I have absolutely no doubt that Merton is not unique and that were this request to be made to very other council in the UK, the results would be pretty similar.

Now we know what the people who are paid by our tax Pounds are actually doing with their time!

Here is the full list of sites visited.

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  1. What an interesting list.......I wonder if a senior manager looks at stats from the IT dept and ever questions why people visit some of the sites listed; I assume they must all have pin numbers for when they sign on to the system, especially given that much of the data they would need to access whilst performing their roles within the council, would be sensitive data.

  2. Listen ‘ere.
    Brian Sewell here again. You know, the famous art critic and fanny hound.
    I joined one of them dating sites and it seemed like all the women there were looking for an ‘honest man’.

    So I wrote to them all and said I was looking for some anal sex and some enthusiastic gobbling, and as they looked like right mingers they should be grateful of any offers that they get.

    Turns out they weren’t looking for an honest man after all.

    Know what I mean.