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Monday, March 04, 2013

Nanny Bans Unkempt

My sympathies to Tim Loughton, Tory MP and ex-Children’s Minister, who found himself on the wrong end of the Nanny state last August when he had to endure a 90 minute interview under caution by detectives from Sussex police.

For why?

He used the word "unkempt" in an email sent to Kieran Francis rejecting his complaints about a local council.

For good measure the police also interviewed the MP’s staff and went through his correspondence, the Crown Prosecution Service finally decided last month that the case should be dropped without any charges being brought.

Mr Loughton is quite rightly less than gemused about all of this, and is quoted by the Telegraph:
I am very angry that time and money has been wasted in pursuing what was clearly a vexatious and malicious complaint that had no substance. It has been very worrying for me and my family.

This has knocked my confidence in the police and made me wonder whether there are certain elements for whom political correctness has become too much of a driving force.
Because of the merest hint of something to do with racism and the sensitivities about travellers, the police go into overdrive.”
Sussex Police said in a statement:
An allegation of malicious communication was reported to Sussex Police, and was fully investigated in the same way it would be for any member of the public.”
When MPs from the ruling party lose faith in the police that are meant to serve and protect the people, then you know we have got real problems!

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  1. Tonk.1:54 PM

    We are the state, do as you're told or we'll have you.

    Perhaps I am daft but, would someone kindly explain to me what "unkempt" has to do with race and why it could, in any way, be deemed racist?

    Next stop a police state.

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Is there any other country in the world where someone could complain to the police about the word ‘unkempt’ in a received email, and not be told to fuck off and stop wasting their time?

  3. Ha, ha, ha: the police as they exist in Britain are the creation of the Whig state, and as prolonged Whiggism results in corporate domination (Britain is a nation of shopkeepers), the police will eventually serve the political requirements of the state rather than uphold the law. Therefore a "Tory" MP [anybody who knows their history knows that the last real Tories were expunged when "cubic Anne" died, in about 1714 or thereabouts; after her bogus monarchy had been used to keep King James III and VIII out, after William "the turd" couldn't get any of his boyfriends pregnant, and his wife Mary couldn't manage unaided, the Whigs declared their compliant Hanoverian Georg 'King' and have been nibbling away at individual rights, and whoring their 'monarchy' more and more (think of the Olympics where Elizabeth, jumping out of a plane, became another market commodity rather like Mickey Mouse (bot not such fun). Any 'Tory' worth his or her salt would be over in Europe pointing out that the "Act of Settlement" violated European law and should be rescinded, the 'Windsors' sent packing (perhaps like Nero's Mum), and a Stuart-Wittlesbach restoration organised, and 330 years of naff history can be teased apart so that we can all work out exactly where the "UK" went so badly wrong, and start again.

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM

      Wow! where do you buy your sniffing glue from, I want some...

  4. Can we safely say the opposite - "kempt"?

    I am such a dolent man, I eptly work each day;
    My acts are all becilic, I've just ane things to say.

    My nerves are strung, my hair is kempt, I'm gusting and I'm span:
    I look with dain on everyone And am a pudent man.

    1. Anonymous10:04 PM

      More glue please

  5. Mallicious communications is not, and can never be construed as "racism". The fact that Tim Loughton himself provided the entirety of this "story" himself, just shows that this cannot be trusted. People who claim to not want to be controlled taking a story concocted by a Tory and publicised by the mail, realy should take a good look at themselves.

    The fact is that after 2 years of abuse from the local tory council, I wrote a polite email to my MP and received a tirade of abuse and swearing in reply. Who should I ask for help when I have no rights? I asked the police, who knew that what was going on was wrong, they questioned him under the Malicious communications act, which can not be racially motivated, as a traveller I was also offended at the abusive rhetoric distributed by all of our local tories, all freely available on loughton's website, and believed that the abuse from the local council was as a result of myself expressing that I felt that claims that we need to "fortify Adur against traveller incursions" were unacceptable, which they are.

    Following my raising of these issues, a council inspection was carried out on my family's allotment when we were not present, claimed that we had been using human faeces on our compost heap, this DID NOT happen, no environmental investigation was carried out and our allotment levelled and everything taken away by the council before we had any chance to prove that their claims were lies.

    I was then attacked by the council's allotment manager, in an unprovoked assault, whilst shopping and when the store reported this to the police, he was arrested. The council did not like this and the abuse stepped up.

    Myself and my family have never used offensive language towards local councillors or Loughton, but Loughton decided to send a very offensive response which included swear words, which is clearly an unacceptable response from parliament to a quesiton asked politely.

    Following this investigation, Loughton has claimed victim status and exploited his position to distribute a very twisted version of events through the media, and has also further abused his position to gain contact with the chief Constable, and the commissioner, who he chose for the candidacy in the first place in order to halt the investigation.

    The reason that this investigation took so long was because he chose to involve senior officers to look at why he was questioned for being supportive of a 2 year hate campain against an innocent family, and the police decided that his sweary and insulting email sent in response to a polite request for justice was malicious, which it clearly was. hTat's mallicious, not racist.

    It also turns out that his response, as well as rude and offensive, was also wrong, as the ICO decided that the council HAD breached the DPA.

    If you believe the lies that you read in the Mail then you are just as stupid as the people who vote for the likes of Loughton, and I hope that one day, you write to your elected representative in Parliament and receive no answers to your question but a tirade of sweary abuse. Then you'll know what it's like, and then I will accept your views.

    If you know nothing, say nothing.