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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Euro Nanny's State Sex Censors

Now here's a "plan" by Euro Nanny that is guaranteed to be but the tip of a very large censorship iceberg.

Last week our "respected" elected representatives in the European Parliament put forward a resolution "on eliminating gender stereotypes in the EU".

The resolution "calls on the EU and its member states to take concrete action on discrimination against women in advertising... [with] a ban on all forms of pornography in the media".

Kartika Liotard, a Dutch MEP, is seeking "statutory measures to prevent any form of pornography in the media and in advertising and for a ban on advertising for pornographic products and sex tourism", including measures in the "digital field".

The MEPs also want to establish state sex censors with "a mandate to impose effective sanctions on companies and individuals promoting the sexualisation of girls".

Dare I make a couple of observations here?

1 One person's "porn" is another's "art/freedom of expression". Who exactly will decide what constitutes "porn"?

2 Why the emphasis only on women? Are men not also "sexualised" within porn?

Many people in Europe have emailed their MEPs complaining about this flagrant attempt to infringe people's freedoms. However, can you guess what Euro Nanny has done?

Yes, that's right, Euro Nanny has blocked these emails and designated them as "spam".

As you can see this is but the tip of a very ugly iceberg, and Euro Nanny's reaction to the emails of complaint shows exactly what she thinks of the opinions of her "voters".

It is clear that the European Parliament is nothing akin to a democratic body, but is in fact a collection of petty minded dictators looking to crush us under their collective jackboots.

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  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    This is just meaningless shit that nobody will pay any attention to.

    The alternative to advertisers and suchlike using pretty girls in sexy clothes to promote products is quite disturbing, and I don’t know if anyone here has watched the news and weather programmes from Italy, Spain and Portugal, but their female presenters make the likes of Moira Stewart and that breeze block faced minger that does the weather on ITV seem even more horrendous than they actually are.

    I am assuming that Kartika Liotard, the Dutch MEP who dreamt this up is a frustrated lesbian. I have googled her pictures and she has a face like a bag of spanners.

  2. Tonk.4:17 PM

    There is nothing democratic about the EUSSR: never has been, never will be.

    Once the technology is put in place to ban porn on the internet, what will be next?.....Political blogs, this blog?

  3. Once the technology is put in place to ban porn on the internet, what will be next?

    Some 14 year old kid will find a way round it and the solution will go viral.

  4. Howard7:13 PM

    ....or we could all ignore EU sites and go straight to those Russian ones (not that I'd know, obvs).

    The great thing about the internet is the more things are "banned" the more ways people find around the ban. The "banned" Pirate Bay is still one of the world's most visited sites. If there hadn't have been any fuss, probably very few would have heard of it and even fewer using it!

    1. Toy Trumpet2:48 PM

      The Streisand Effect

  5. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Bananas are well known for their artistic dexterity and integrity - this could put them all out of work