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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Remarkably Stupid Idea - Drinks All Round!

I am hugely gemused to see that Nanny's absurd plans for minimum booze prices have fallen apart.

Cameron's daft idea (he seems to make plans on the hoof without ever thinking them through) has been kicked into touch by the Treasury.

For why?

It would reduce tax receipts.

As per a source in the Treasury:
"A remarkably stupid idea”. 
Aside from the Treasury's views wrt tax revenues, I have written many times before about why this idea is bollocks; here, for example, is what I wrote in November 2012:
"As I have noted many times before, this will not work:

1 People will brew their own illegal hooch.

2 Hardened drinkers will continue to buy booze.

3 It will encourage more binge drinking on cheaper shite.

4 It is the thin end of the wedge, as Nanny will continue to increase the minimum price.

5 It will be used as an excuse to set minimum prices for other "vices" that Nanny disapproves of.

6 It will be used by the single issue obsessives as an excuse to launch a moral crusade against alcohol and to try to ban it altogether.

Meanwhile Nanny continues to enjoy taxpayer subsidised booze in Westminster!

This is simply a method used by Nanny to raise revenue to pay for her perks, privileges and lifestyle.

This is not Conservatism with a small "c", this is state dictatorship infringing on our rights to live our lives as we wish to.

Cameron is not a Conservative, he is a state interventionist

Meanwhile there has been no official announcement yet from Nanny about the fact that the plan has been abandoned.

Drinks all round!

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  1. Tonk.1:18 PM

    I agree with your views Ken except, I think Mr Cameron is more a progressive Marxist along with most other elite politicians within the Western world.

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Cameron is an idiot.

    Anyone involved in sales and marketing will tell you that if you want to see a product fly of the shelves, if you want to turn a group of normally placid people into a frenzied mob, then ‘create’ a shortage.

    It is human nature to want something that is not easily available.
    A salesperson will not get a decision from a client if that decision can be put off, without loss, until sometime in the future.

    If an item can be purchased almost everywhere at a reasonable price then there is no need for the consumer to gorge and binge. There is no need to ‘panic buy’.

    If Cameron truly wants to ‘unmarket’ booze, then he really needs to accept advice from people that understand how things are sold and why people buy.