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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Bin Brother - Nanny's Bin Tax

Nanny's chums in local councils are forever bleating that they are running out of money. However, instead of cutting back on waste and unnecessary expenditure, they opt for the easy route and bleed the local taxpayers dry usually via increasing council taxes.

These days though, as a result of pressure from central Nanny and from more vocal local residents councils are finding that it is not so easy to raise council taxes.

The solution?

Simples, create another charge for a service that is already covered by council tax.

Step forward Nanny's greedy chums from South Gloucestershire council who want to introduce a £36 per annum charge, which in theory is meant to cover the cost of collecting local residents' green bins.

Call me old fashioned, but this just sounds like a complete rip off. In the event the green bins are so expensive to collect, why not simply abandon them and return to the good old days of putting all your waste in the same bin?

Let's face it, all the waste (green or otherwise) simply ends up in landfills in India anyway.

Anyhoo, Chris Skidmore MP for Kingswood, has launched a petition calling on South Gloucestershire Council to stop this rip off.

Those of you who wish to sign it, and live in the area, can do so via this link Say No To Labour’s Bin Tax.

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  1. Wokingham did this last year.....Except it is Sixty Pounds per year! I refuse to pay extra for something I was already paying for, so now I burn any garden waste I cannot compost.
    They have started charging extra charges for many other things too, such as an initial "chat" to a planning officer which, up until last year, was included in the rip off tax.

  2. Welcome back Tonk!

    How did you manage to resolve your posting problems?

  3. They already charge for green waste collection here. The very little I generate just goes in the household waste in little bits instead.