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Monday, March 24, 2014

Prats of The Week - Liverpool Council

My oh my, it feels like a gazillion years since I last awarded one of my prestigious Prats of The Week Awards.

Therefore, without further ado, based on the recommendation of a loyal reader I present the award this week to Liverpool Council.

For why?

Liverpool City Council want to ban people from eating takeaway food with their fingers, in a move designed to curb litter.

Nick Small, Liverpool council's enterprise chief, is quoted by the Liverpool Echo:
 "We don’t want people buying chips, eating them outside and  then dropping their litter.”
The new rules will apply to city centre businesses with outdoor seating areas - known as pavement cafes.

Any new business bidding for a pavement cafe licence will now be ordered to serve food on plates with cutlery, rather than in paper bags or polystyrene trays.

Cllr Small said:
We can see the benefits of pavement cafes being there, we just want them to up their standards.

For any new business with a pavement cafe, we are going to make sure they give out plates and cutlery.

We can’t go back and review licences we have already issued, but we would like all businesses with pavement cafes to start issuing plates and cutlery voluntarily.”
This is all very well and dandy. However, the ruling doesn't apply to those establishments that don't have outside seating. Additionally, the littering is caused by ignorant people who are too lazy or stupid to look for a bin; it is not caused by the takeaway.

Punish the cretins who drop the litter, not the takeaway or their non littering customers who have to pay more for a plate and cutlery (which doubtless will be broken or used as weapons by some).

Liverpool Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. You're right Ken, it's not the takeaways, but the people who use them who are at fault.

    As long as the takeaway provides a bin for their customers to put their waste, they have done all they can do. Some takeaway chains have litter patrols where they seek out the rubbish their customers have dropped in the street; I am not sure whether I like this or not; the juxta position is this; on the one hand it is good they're taking an interest in the appearance of their local area but, on the other hand, by providing this patrol, it almost says it's OK to drop the litter. I don't know what the answer is. I suppose it has to be education which of course, always came from the parents in the past. Do parents still teach their kids not to throw litter down? It is funny but, only a couple of weeks ago, I watched a young lad, about six years old or so, finish a can of drink, drop it on the path and kick it under my gates. The mother with the kid said nothing to him. I thought what chance does that kid have in later life?

  2. One awaits the problem of gutters being clogged, car tyres punctured and late night drunks being injured by cuttlery and thrown away broken cheap plates.